Have some protesters worn out their welcome?

Have some protesters (most notably “Segway” Jeremy Ryan) worn out their welcome at the state Capitol?

That’s a question Bryan Polcyn of Fox 6 News asked of liberals and conservatives alike in a report that aired last night at 9:00 p.m.


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19 thoughts on “Have some protesters worn out their welcome?

  1. You mean are the powers-that-be and their mouthpieces in the News Directorate tired of this whole democracy thing? Yeah, probably. Who’s surprised? Autocrats never like attention. Why do you think they banned cameras but not guns from the state capitol?

    1. Phil, as one of the “mouthpieces” in question, I’m not tired of the whole democracy thing; I’m just tired of a small group hijacking the movement either for their own selfish interests or because they’re too stupid to realize that this battle won’t be won without winning public support.

      1. Unless you’re making money off this whole BloggingBlue thing, you’re not part of the “mouthpiece” class. 🙂 The comment was directed at the Conservative News Industry. Sorry for the confusion. And if SegJer(tm) gets attention for his childish behavior, oh well. I guess there’s not much you can really do to keep that from happening.

  2. Thanks for tackling this Zach. Emily Mills is being harassed by Miles Kristan every single time she goes into the Capitol and as her colleague I’m becoming increasingly concerned about her personal welfare.

    1. That’s absolutely shameful. Jeremy & Co. really believe that anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly support what they’re doing is “the enemy.”

  3. Ok this drives me insane….and let me tell you why.

    1. this piece starts out with the “solidarity singers” of which many are EMPLOYED. I know some people that are there quite often and I promise you they work harder than the reporter or anyone in the Capitol.

    2. Steve Nass complains about most of the charges being dismissed yet the reason most of the charges are being dismissed is because most of the charges or bullshit.

    3. It sickens me to think that the capitol police have started cracking down harder since Nass called out Chief Tubbs, and I would bet that is not the case. To say that Chief Tubbs has not handled this years security at the Capitol with anything less then complete professionalism is ridiculous and should be the end of Nass’ elected career. I believe many of the police in the Capitol doing much of the arresting now are state troopers.

    4. This whole piece was done to make those three be the face of the democratic protestors.

    5. We have discussed it over and over on here, but kristan should not have dumped a beer on Vos. That being said, dumping a beer on vos pales in comparison in the grand scheme of things to kicking people out of the gallery for sitting silently and holding a piece of paper.

    6. Heaven forbid they disrupted Peter Barca, I wonder if robin vos was tweeting political polls at the time or was ignoring barca’s speech some other way?

    7. Miles, Jeremy and CJ are complete Douchebags but combined they dont come close to as big of a one as Vos or Suder are.

    8. Those three protestors just want attention, so stop giving it to them.

    9. Maybe rep Ott can pray them away like he does deregulation.

    I am not defending them whatsoever, but lets keep things in perspective here.

    1. Jeff, last time Miles verbally accosted Emily dane101 took an ignore approach. Now that he ganged up on her again last night with Jeremy we aren’t sure we can ignore him anymore. A Capitol officer had to step in and tell them to cool their jets. We’re currently discussing options, perhaps legal options, because Miles is creating an unsafe atmosphere for Emily to do her job. He clearly has anger management issues and at some point he’s going to physically hurt someone.

      1. jesse, Like i said im not defending these guys(im not trying to anyway) and I have heard numerous stories of these guys yelling at anyone who disagrees with them.

        I support you fully in whatever you decide. I think you guys at dane101 have done more for “the cause” than these three could ever do.

        I guess a shorter version of what I am saying is Nass/Vos do not have the moral high ground here.

    2. Jeff, I sincerely hope you’re not trying to say that I haven’t kept things in perspective.

      Considering I’m living the effects of Gov. Walker’s attacks on public employees every day that I draw breath, I fail to understand how I haven’t kept things in perspective. Considering the impact this whole situation has had on me, my family, and many of my friends, I’d tend to believe my perspective is right on the money.

      I’m not going to allow a douchebag like Jeremy Ryan sabotage what we’re fighting for simply because he has no concept of what it means to win hearts and minds, which is how this fight is going to be won. We only win this fight if we have the support of a broad swath of Wisconsinites, and we won’t win hearts and minds by pouring beer on elected officials’ heads.

      1. Zach , no none of my rant was directed at you. It is fox 6 for putting out a 7 minute story on jeremy ryan and his clan.

        As i have stated they should not have dumped a beer, yet it still does not reach the level of seriousness as say arresting people for silently holding a sign in the gallery. How many minutes has Fox 6 dedicated to that? As i just posted will they do a 7 minute story on the eggs being thrown at dale schultz’s office and then point out the ridiculousness and hatred of the radio triumverate(belling – mckenna- sykes)? Maybe they can do a 7 minute story on the macgyver institute & WPRI how they keep putting out “news stories” that just flat out are not true.

        1. Or maybe better yet they could actually practice some journalism, and go find a minority that graduated college thanks to the grants that the assembly just took away from them and show us some actual real world consequences of bad behavior and what our youth have to look forward too.

          My wife is a public school social worker, we have taken the hits also, she also deals with the consequences of the actions of these politicians on a daily basis. Bringing some of their stories to light would be real journalism, not this ridiculous piece on ryan.

    3. Jeff, I’ve usually been at odds with you on this topic, but I agree with every sentence you wrote here.

  4. As I write this, the democrats are trying to stop the republicans from making it harder for Minorities to get into college. In 4 years from now what will matter most to the state, that Vos had a beer dumped on him or that we have an even higher unemployment rate amongst african american men in this state?

    Also why not a 7 minute news story on gov walkers Laser focus on jobs session without a single jobs bill?

  5. I would say yes.

    CJ & company seem to have a juvenile need for attention and act out regularly. Not cool. No one’s going to take them seriously. I don’t. So if they sit in jail; cool with me.

    I have shared video content of people respectfully and quietly protesting, holding small signs or recording in the assembly gallery or in hallways. If those trhee toddlers are in a video, it doesn’t get shared. No need to distrubute examples of bad behavior that REFLECT upon the whole movement.

    Zach, thanks for taking a stand on this and calling out bad behavior. It has no place in life or the protests. In fact, it has a detrimental effect on the cause.

  6. Those guys need to have it smacked into them that THEY ARE NOT THE SHOW. Getting arrested for the sake of making a point and drawing attention to an issue is one thing and can be worthwhile. Getting arrested to draw attention to your stupid Segway and your personal needs is not.

    As CJ McD accurately brings up, this is about US, but too often Miles or Jeremy or a couple of the other regulars think it’s about them (same goes for public figures- I’m looking at you, Mahlon Mitchell). That doesn’t mean those guys aren’t on the right side or that it somehow shows scum like Robin Vos or Steve (N)ass to be OK, because it doesn’t. But there are ways to handle this to get even more people on our side as the momentum has clearly shifted our way.

    The best way to protest them in person- constant wags of the finger, continual vigilance, and singing the chorus of the Police’s “Every Breath you Take.” These Rethugs are terrified that we’re onto them and watching them, because they know they don’t have the popular support and authority to pull this off, so why do anything to take people’s eyes off of them?

  7. These guys are a good example of kook activism vs solid organizing. Their so called activism brings them the spotlight but they’re tarnishing the movement.

    If they would spend their time organizing a greater number of people to defy the Assembly rules that are clearly an infringement of 1st Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly, and then issued calm, reasoned press statements about their actions, I’d probably join them.

    Chasing repubs with a video camera, dumping beer, posting on your facebook page that you’re out of marijuana, cruising around on a segway for PR………. count me out.

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