Jack Abramoff

Abramoff was the subject of a 60 minutes story where he proclaims “the whole system is corrupt”… leslie stahl even fakes surprise when Abramoff comes clean about some of the stuff he has done. He even “shows” some remorse.

Personally i find nothing but disgust for those people who mess with our democracy(yes I am talking to you Scooter Jensen), and think the penalties are far too light. I do not think 4 years is enough time for him to have served, unless he turned states evidence and actually gave up some real crooks(and old friends) in Congress(yes I mean you Paul Ryan). Since he did not really do that(only Bob Ney went was punished), I will take his apologies and “disgust”with what he did with a grain of salt. They all while talking about it tend to have a little laugh, maybe because they lived so high on the Hog for so long. I am in awe though how Abramoff has any money left, since all of the money he got appeared to be dirty!

If there is a better poster child for #OCCUPY than Abramoff, I do not know who it would be. If he truly is sorry and truly helps bring about change that is so badly needed in our political structure today, then I will be satisfied that he has truly repented.

PS: here are a couple of things i would like to see researched by someone who has more time and resources than myself.

1. Who exactly, from what congressional member’s staff, did Abramoff hire his workers?

2. How much money did each politician, (especially Paul Ryan) spend eating dinner at “Signatures”?


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  1. These issues must be communicated to the minorities. The majority of the American population have no idea who they vote for or what they vote for.

    They have no idea about what goes on in our country but have blind faith that in general people are good. Our government is a joke and only cae for their intrest.

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