Jesus rode a dinosaur.

I was raised a Christian in my youth and attended weekly service and Sunday school at a small Methodist church in southeastern Minnesota. You know: Sermon on the Mount, love thy neighbor as thyself, Jesus loves the little children of the world, that sort of thing.

But I don’t ever remember seeing anything like this.

It’s a good thing you can ride’m bareback. I’ll bet gettin’ a saddle on that critter is a real bitch.


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12 thoughts on “Jesus rode a dinosaur.

  1. This is appears to be another bit of nonsense from Ken Ham, who brought us the infamous Creation Museum in Kentucky, as well as other entertainments like the Conservapedia and Answers-in-Genesis websites. People like this are behind efforts to teach Creationism and Intelligent Design in our schools; they are actively anti-science and anti-enlightenment.

    The names given to the crayon colors are just precious. I don’t suppose they stopped to consider that Jesus’s skin was Mediterranean Tan.

    @Phil: Some of these people breed like rabbits (Like the Duggar’s).

  2. LMFAO at “We don’t know if Jesus ever rode them. But he probably did!”

    Science, bitches. Hypothesis –> blah blah blah –> Conclusion

  3. It was ridiculous crap like this that made me decide that I was an atheist at age ten. Keep it up Christian teabaggers; the cognitive dissonance will blow you childrens’ minds as they get older.

  4. Ah yes, the lofty liberals who look down on anyone who doesn’t rely on science. Except liberals CHOOSE to ignore science when it comes to abortion, where it really matters when lives are at stake.

    I thought liberals were supposed to be TOLERANT of other beliefs. Instead you choose an extreme example to denegrate anyone with faith.

    Hey Zach, I seem to remember last Easter when you wished everyone a happy Easter with a photo of a cross. Not exactly a lot of science in believing someone resurrecting himself from the dead.

    I don’t know if your link is legit, but there are no Biblical references to Jesus and dinosaurs, so it’s outside the mainstream of Christian beliefs. However, it has no bearing on me if someone believes that, or space aliens, or ghosts, or the Bermuda triangle. But it does matter to me when people CHOOSE to ignore the science of a sonogram in the name of personal CHOICE, and let human life die without blinking an eye.

    Also, it’s apparently ok to mock faith here, but use it in another post to defend your political stance.

    1. What science do liberals ignore when it comes to abortion, and how is abortion even relevant to the topic of Jesus riding a dinosaur?

      1. It’s relevant because you said “they can’t be bothered with science.” I am pointing out that pro-abortion liberals ignore the science of sonograms that clearly show a developing human being with a beating heart. One would have to ignore science to then go ahead and say it’s ok to kill that human being

    2. Forgot…I can’t deny that there is no biblical reference about Jesus and dinosaurs…no is there any biblical reference to dinosaurs and the garden of eden or Noah’s ark…but we don’t have to make this stuff up when your fellow travellers are willing to do it for us:

      We can get to the science of the miracle of birth another time when we discuss the suggested changes to the state constitution on personhood. See you then!

  5. @forgot: Clearly some conservatives are kookier than others, and there is nothing above to suggest this is representative of all. Therefore if you happen to self-identify with that sort of nonsense, then it’s your problem.

    Well, not entirely your problem. Since only one of the current Republican Presidential contenders admits to understanding science (and he is running last) it could soon be everybody’s problem.

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