Kevin Binversie makes a funny!

Now that the Castle Doctrine authorizing homeowners here in Wisconsin to “shoot first and ask questions later” has become law, conservative blogger Kevin Binversie thinks it’s hilarious to joke about shooting volunteers coming to his house with recall petitions.

Kevin Binversie advocating murder? You decide.

After his Tweet, Binversie spent a 350+ word blog post defending his “joke,” which was not only not funny but also stunningly ignorant.


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6 thoughts on “Kevin Binversie makes a funny!

      1. And the left is always holding their own accountable? Like, when Roseanne Barr recently called for the beheading of bankers?

        But, that’s ok, since liberals are championing such higher, loftier goals…..

        1. Considering she got all over the news media and it was noted, I think a lot of people were disgusted by her commentary on principle.

          You’re just proving Zach right.

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