Leni misses the funny bone.

Kevin ” Leni ” Been Versey got into a spat with folks today after he tweeted that ” in his quest for hyperbolically absurd nicknames to Castle Doctrine bill, Chris Larson forgot ” Kill the Recall Petition Gatherer”.

The title of Leni’s Lament is ” Defending Wisconsin Fails to Understand Comedy”

Maybe it’s Leni’s punchline that fails?


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5 thoughts on “Leni misses the funny bone.

  1. Who is a conservative? I think a better description would be it is not funny at all.

    Had one of us ‘tweeted” that it would be on every right wing blog there is and Wisconsin Reporter and the Sun Prairie times would have their editorials up immediately.

    But being witty or consistent is not something that we have come to expect from you and your co horts.

    By the way thanks for the mention on your blog.

  2. The bestest and funniest jokes need 350+ words of blog-post explanation after you deliver the punchline, right?

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