No seriously…help bring Lee Camp to Wisconsin!

Though Jeff already posted over the weekend about the effort to bring comedian Lee Camp to Wisconsin, but I just wanted to do my part (again) to urge you all to help bring Lee Camp to Wisconsin.

Okay, nobody has bugged me to come perform more than you crazy Wisconsinites. And I realize some of you are in Illinois or Minnesota  because I figured “close enough.” Anyway, I was pressured to try my damnedest to come out and perform at several of the Occupy sites in Wisconsin. And I would love to do it. However, I don’t have the money to jump around the country on my own dime. So I was talked into creating an online fundraising campaign to find the money to come perform for all of you wonderful, amazing people. 

SO if you want to help bring me to Wisconsin, CLICK HERE and donate a small amount of money to make it happen. 

The amount we’re looking for is $1,700. We picked that number in order to cover flights, rental car, gas money, some food, and perhaps a couple hotel rooms if I can’t find volunteers to stay with. I promise you I will not walk away from this trip with much money – if any. I’m doing this because I want to support the recall, support the Occupy movement, and support all of you.

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Lee Camp, and he’s been not only a great friend to this blog but a tremendous ally to those of us who are fighting the good fight, so I hope you all will consider making a small donation to help bring Lee Camp to Wisconsin.


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