Occupy with Aloha and a Slack-Key Guitar!

Sometimes it pays to open e-mail from your mother.  My mom, who lives in Hawaii,  sent me a note about this guy Makana who sang his Occupy protest song, We Are The Many, to President Obama and the APEC World Leader’s Dinner in Honolulu.

This is just so full of awesome (both the event and the song itself) that I just had to share  it.  The guy gives Tom Morillo a run for his money as the musical descendent of Woody Guthrie.

Here is the full song.


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2 thoughts on “Occupy with Aloha and a Slack-Key Guitar!

  1. Somebody make a video of the We Are The Many at the State Capitol Sing Along, please!
    Better yet, someone should organize a 50 state capitol Sing Along. At the same time, let the words of Makana, This Land Is My Land and We Shall Not Be Moved ring out to all the lawmakers, single voices or chorus like in Wisconsin.

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