Q. What is Slimier and Worse for the Environment?

The BP Oil Spill or the US Congress?

The answer, according to the American People is the US Congress with an approval rating of 9%(not a typo).

H/T Huffington Post::

A greater percentage of Americans approve of polygamy than the United States Congress, according a set of polls.

Last month, a New York Times poll found that Congress’ approval rating fell to an all-time low of 9 percent. Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll found that 11 percent of people found polygamy “morally acceptable.” Additionally, 30 percent of Americans expressed approval of pornography.

The Fix posted a telling chart created by Senator Michael Bennet that compared Congress’ approval rating to a slew of unpopular people, things and ideas. “U.S. going communist” received an 11 percent approval rating, banks netted 23 percent and the BP oil spill received a shocking 16 percent.

A recent CNN poll showed that 52 percent of Americans surveyed approved of the individual mandate element of last year’s health care reform, an issue that half of Congress railed against.

It’s also worth noting that, during the Watergate scandal, Nixon’s approval rating was at 23 percent.

Here is Senator Bennet (D-Colorado) explaining it in detail. The question I have is who are these 9% anyway? I doubt they have ever heard Ron Johnson speak, or the number would not be that high!


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