Republican Thugs – Part 12 – enough already

Monlogues of Dissent author Heather Dubois Bourenane has received a death threat.

DuBois Bourenane immediately made a report to the Sun Prairie Police Department about the telephone threat, which came at 4 a.m. this morning. DuBois Bourenane said the threat was made by a man who wouldn’t identify himself.

DuBois Bourenane said the man told her in a deliberate but threatening tone that her life and the lives of her family were in danger because “you’ve attracted the attention of some very bad people.”

The threat comes as more evidence of the deteriorating political climate in Wisconsin, which has produced death threats for politicians of both parties and a doubling of the security budget for Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Walker, for instance, has been the subject of multiple threats.

A spokesman for the Sun Prairie police acknowledged that the report was made but could make no further comment.

“I’m confirming that it was reported that there were threats made to this person and we are investigating it,” spokesman Rem Brandt said.

OK enough already. It is time for an adult from the republican party to step up and denounce all of the vile and anger from the right that has more than bubbled over. Instead of pretending it only comes from one side(look at our blog you will find that we have denounced many acts done by the protestors of the left). It is time for someone on the right to start naming names, calling these people out and telling them to STOP.

They do not know what they have unleashed and when it boils over to someone actually being hurt they will be unable to wash their hands of the dangers they have created!

Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefish, AFP, Wisconsin Reporter, Fitgerald Brothers, Robin Vos, anyone? This is not the time for silence!


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9 thoughts on “Republican Thugs – Part 12 – enough already

  1. Absolutely uncalled for, but I’m not surprised. While no one has directly threatened me or my family, I’ve received my fair share of vile hate mail from folks who don’t like what I have to say.

  2. And with all due respect Jeff, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t call for adults to denounce this kind of behavior while you’re inviting folks to call David Brandt at any hour of the day or night (while posting his home phone number, no less).

    We’re better than that.

  3. I specifically said do not call or threaten. Legit recall questions only. Huge difference. heather did not start the recall on her own ir do anything as unethical like brandt did.

    1. Erroneous.

      You did not “specifically” say do not call or threaten. You posted his telephone number and address and wrote the following:

      “If you want the answer to these questions or others, David Brant and “Close Friends to Recall Walker” might have the answers.

      This is going to be an historic and incredibly important election. I am sure that Mr. Brandt will have no problem answering your questions, WHENEVER, you have them.

      Nowhere in those three sentences do I see you specifically write that folks should not call or threaten, but you sure were encouraging folks to give him a call WHENEVER they wanted.

  4. With all due respect, brandt put himself out in public by filing the recall dics. Unlike the looney commenter we had that you posted hisresume with his address and phone number.

    1. Jeff, you can’t have it both ways. You want conservatives to comport themselves better then you need to hold yourself to the same standard.

  5. Making a phone call is not illegal. Calling someone up and threatening their life IS a crime. It shouldn’t be that hard to understand, but then we aren’t dealing with people who have a deep moral grounding. The Republican Party is filled with sociopaths and now they are bubbling to the surface.

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