Robin Vos Gets Mic Checked

Watch and marvel! Robin Vos get’s Mic Checked at the Dane County Young Republicans “Recall the Recall” rally!  Watch for Vicki McKenna being shrill.  It’s like a bonus feature on a DVD.


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7 thoughts on “Robin Vos Gets Mic Checked

  1. There are many observations one can make in watching the video. However the Siren has two words for Vicki McKenna: 1. Rogaine 2. extensions. Girlfriend needs a weave or something.

  2. They won’t be happy until they sell the Wisconsin that they claim to love to he highest corporate bidder. They are terrified of the working families of wisconsin and the rest of the country. The fraud has been exposed. They even had to lie that the recall did nothing. Now they only have a one seat majority in the senate with three more seats up for recall with their governor who wants to move Wisconsin back to the 1910’s, not the 2010’s. Let’s hope the working families of wisconsin can lead the charge in 2012 that will set the pace to take our country back from the Corporation United coffers.

  3. Ok i watched this but not closely. Can someone tell me where the vicki mckenna thing is approximately so I dont have to listen to robin vos again? He is like nails on chalkboard….

  4. What in the world was McKenna doing to that woman towards the end. Was she (McKenna) getting in her face trying to intimidate her?

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