Stone & Clarke mulling runs against Abele? Yes please!

According to a report by Steve Schultze of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Republican State Rep. Jeff Stone and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a Republican too afraid to run as what he really is, are both considering challenging incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele in 2012.

While I’m hardly a full-throated supporter of County Executive Abele, he’d be guaranteed reelection in 2012 if his opponent happened to be Jeff Stone or David Clarke, and seeing Abele faced off against either would make for some great political theater.

So here’s a question for you, dear readers: are retreads like Jeff Stone and David Clarke really the best Milwaukee County’s conservatives can come up with to oppose Chris Abele?

Oh, and speaking of Sheriff David Clarke, you should go read Bruce Murphy’s absolute excoriation of Clarke; it’ll be worth your time and effort.


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4 thoughts on “Stone & Clarke mulling runs against Abele? Yes please!

  1. I can’t imagine Sheriff Clarke giving up his throne at the Sheriff’s Department…I think his ‘interest’ in the county executive office is just another manifestation of his Palinistic ego.

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