What have Wisconsin’s Republicans been doing during their special “jobs” session?

During an appearance this weekend on “Up Front” with Mike Gousha, Republican State Sen. Mary Lazich of New Berlin said lawmakers still have a “laser” focus on jobs, but Democratic State Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee rightly pointed out that Republicans in the legislature pursued social issues at the expense of jobs legislation.

So let’s take a look at just some of the bill passed by the Republican-controlled State Senate during their special “jobs” session.

  • Passed AB 69, a bill implementing the “Castle Doctrine” providing immunity to property owners using lethal force against an intruder.
  • Passed SB 237, a bill allowing school districts to teach abstinence-only sex education instead of a more comprehensive sex education program.
  • Passed a bill creating an elected comptroller office in Milwaukee County.
  • Passed a bill that would stipulate that property owners are not liable for trespassers on their property.
  • Passed SB 45, changing the definition of a school nurse and relating to regulations of administration of medication to pupils.
  • Passed SB 49, which would add viewing of pornography at public schools as “immoral conduct” grounds for revocation of a Dept. of Public Instruction license.
  • Passed a bill allowing landlords to discriminate against renting to individuals based on their conviction record or income.
  • Passed a bill allowing schools to fire or refuse to hire convicted felons.
  • Passed SB 12, which would limit attorneys’ fees to three times the amount of compensatory damages.

I don’t know about you, but as I look at that list, I’m not seeing a “laser” focus on jobs. I’m seeing a lot of legislating of social issues, but not a lot of legislating on issues relating to job creation.

Then again, considering Republicans “job creation” efforts have led to three consecutive months of private sector job losses here in Wisconsin, perhaps we should all be thankful Republicans have abandoned their job search efforts, because they’ve clearly done more harm than good.


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