About that whole “Reason for the Season” meme…

…yeah, not so much.  Linus explains to Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas…

Christians have waged a long war to absorb the holidays and rituals of other religions and cultures.  Christianity is a cultural parasite, like the Borg.


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7 thoughts on “About that whole “Reason for the Season” meme…

  1. I forwarded the “Reason for the Season” link to my City of Milwaukee Alderman, Terry Witkowski. For many years, Milwaukee had an inclusive “Holiday” tree, but Terry Witkowski worked to get his religious view imposed on everybody by changing the “Holiday” tree to “Christmas” tree.

  2. Phil, I couldn’t disagree more with your assertion that Christianity is a cultural parasite. I know that statement won’t win me many fans among my fellow liberals, but I do consider myself a Christian and I just don’t see Christianity as a parasite.

    However, I do believe that Christianity (and other religions for that matter) has too frequently been perverted and corrupted by so-called “religious leaders” with their own agendas.

  3. Much of the worst evils against mainkind have been done in the name of one religion or another

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