Adolf Hitler Weighs In on Walker’s Imminent Recall

Unbeknownst to me, Adolf Hitler, former Chancellor of Germany and genocidal maniac has expressed an opinion on the recall of Scott Walker.  Or so we are told…

Harvested from the Twitter feed of @amykant

I love it when ignorant rightwing nutjobs throw Hitler’s name around.  They lack any kind of historical grounding, they just use his name like a cudgel.  But in actuality, we all know that Hitler didn’t like independent labor unions any more than Scott Walker does.

The trade union association ADGB (Allgemeiner Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) was shattered on May 2, 1933 (the day after Labour Day), when SA and NSBO units occupied union facilities and ADGB leaders were imprisoned. Other important associations including trade unions were forced to merge with the German Labor Front(Deutsche Arbeitsfront — DAF), to which all workers had to belong.

Destroying the unions was part of the great alignment of German society during the 1930s to the goals and objectives of the Nazi party.

While I won’t go so far as to put words or ideas into the head of the Furher, I do believe Hitler’s actions speak louder than the feeble words scribbled on the handout above.


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2 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler Weighs In on Walker’s Imminent Recall

  1. This flyer appears to be the work of the “Christian Civil Liberties Union” in Milwaukee, and more precisely that of 75 year old curmudgeon Robert C. Braun whose life seems to be devoted to filing frivolous lawsuits against public officials and urging the public burning of books.

  2. Well done, West Benders!

    Everyone knows that when Hitler came to power the first thing he did was recall the Governor and close all of Germany’s open pit iron mines.

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