Attack on Teachers!

Heather @ Monologues of Dissent recently write an “open letter” where she gave this nickname to Scott Walker: Scott “Teachers Are Thugs” Walker. While it turns out he has never specifically said those exact words, that is just splitting hairs, because he has been one of the driving forces this year in trying to turn people against all public workers(specifically teachers). As we all are aware, Mr. Walker has had many accomplices. I am not talking about rate wing paid hate blogs, meant purely as propaganda. I am referring to the Wisconsin State Journal. who recently sued to get all of the MTI teachers medical notes released.

A Dane County judge on Monday ordered the Madison School District to turn over more than 1,000 sick notes submitted by teachers who didn’t come to work in February during mass protests over collective bargaining.

Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas said the district violated the state’s Open Records Law by issuing a blanket denial to a request for the notes from the Wisconsin State Journal rather than reviewing each note individually.

While I know it is open for debate, I personally don’t feel that a third grade teacher is “Government”. In my mind, you have to want to willingly run for an open position and face the electorate to be “Government”(this would include school board and local government positions). I would also say that “government” could be extended to a position of authority (Administrators and principals). I do not think the reason that your local algebra teacher misses a day of school is anyone’s business. As long as they have “sick” days available to them in their contract, I do not care how they use them(protesting, deer hunting, Brewers home opener, Packer game, coaches clinic, etc…) If there is a problem, then the individual teachers are answerable to their principal, administrator and school board and ultimately community members, NOT the general citizenry. What is next will we get ORR’s request to make sure that snow plow drivers do not listen to political talk while they plow our roads overnight? If that is the case maybe coast to coast should be the only approved radio show. However, the judge disagreed with me and the Madison schools will be releasing the notes on Wednesday.

However what everyone would agree on as “government” is the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Wisconsin’s own David \" Ike Turner\" Prosser will not not be participating in cases this month

Those close to Prosser said he was taking the month to recover from a serious health issue. They said it would not affect his long-term ability to remain on the court. They said they did not know if he would later help decide any of the cases.

Prosser did not immediately return a call Friday.

Where is the State Journal on requesting Justice Prosser\'s “sick note”? Do we not have a right to know why he is missing cases for a whole month? Is it a hangnail, vacation with the koch’s, beaten up by his life partner, a serious disease? Will he be able to come back with his physical and mental health intact? I personally do not wish him any harm and hope that he is physically ok, but I think we as a public have a right to know. Open government is important, ESPECIALLY in the current WI Supreme Court. Justice Roggensack already wants to make even more of their proceedings private.

It appears that the Wisconsin State Journal takes the Justice Prosser at his word, but calls the 1769 teachers who took one or more days off during the protests liars.

By the way in case you think it is no big deal by Justice Prosser missing a few days, our friend Illusory Tenant points out that it has already made a huge difference.


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