Dick Pas to talk “extreme opinion radio” at January’s Drinking Liberally Waukesha (UPDATED 12/31/11)

(UPDATED 12/31/11: Due to this year’s Rose Bowl schedule, we will still gather on 1/2, same time, same place, but we won’t have a speaker. Dick Pas will speak on 2/6 instead. Thanks, and Happy New Year!)


When I mention that Dick Pas is our guest speaker at the next Drinking Liberally Waukesha, the most common response is “Who?” While Dick Pas may not have the name recognition of Sly or Mike McCabe, he has played a vital role in the advancement of the Progressive Movement here in Waukesha County over the past several years. Pas even ran against Joel Kleefisch (R) in Assembly District 38-twice. And as the newly elected chair of the Waukesha County Democratic Party, Pas will prove instrumental in helping turn Waukesha blue in 2012. Okay, purple. Ish.

Don’t let Dick Pas’ corduroy blazers and affable personality fool you; he’s one tough dude. As a former Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves, Dick Pas holds degrees in Economics and Law, owned a Wisconsin firm, and worked as an attorney for the U.S. Small Business Administration. He lives in Oconomowoc and is an avid hunter and fisherman. (If not for his political leanings, Dick Pas would be the Wisconsin GOP’s poster boy.)

One topic that gets Pas really fired up is the role of the right-wing media in local and national politics, specifically, “extreme opinion radio.” Pas recently told me, “The harassment of petition signature gatherers continues in Waukesha County, an appreciable portion of it fueled by extreme opinion radio. You can tell it’s extreme opinion radio when it incites harassment and doesn’t mention that the right to petition government is one of our nation’s founding principles. Definitely time to close that most unfortunate chapter in American history.”

I’ll drink to that!

To meet Dick Pas and hear him speak more extensively about extreme opinion radio and what we can do about it, join us for Drinking Liberally Waukesha on January 2, 2012, at Sprizzo Caffe’. Plan to arrive early, because if 2012 DLW is anything like 2011 DLW, the room will fill up quickly.

Dick Pas (Photo from Wisconsinvote.org)



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6 thoughts on “Dick Pas to talk “extreme opinion radio” at January’s Drinking Liberally Waukesha (UPDATED 12/31/11)

  1. And once again the progressives continue on thier march to limit free speech n America and only allow the extreme far left agenda of their party to have the only voice America heres. not acceptable.

    1. Johnny- We don’t want to limit speech, we just want balance, decency, and a chance to have ours heard. This does not exist in Milwaukee, it is disgraceful, and it goes a long way toward explaining the debasing of politics in this state over the last few years.

      And be real- radio speech really isn’t free, because it goes to whoever has the cash to buy stations and ads, and because the amount of spots available on the radio are limited, we have a right to be concerned that it’s in very few hands with a very small range of (crazy, factless) voices allowed to be heard.

      If you don’t get why this is a major problem, you’re one self-centered, weak individual, and you need to step away from the hate radio for 5 minutes, get out of the basement, and start to get what’s really going on. You aren’t getting reality from 620 or 1130 or 1310 right now, and that’s the problem.

  2. Can’t correct the software they use where, “John”? In the Matrix? TMJ and ISN (most of the time) are just another extension of the Fox News-esque propaganda machine for the Republican Party. They don’t even pretend to do anything but carry water for the GOP, and the far-right of the GOP at that. This is not really a point for disagreement. Charlie Sykes, Mark Belling and the rest are not pretending to be open-minded or even truthful about anything. It is opinion radio, not “news”, and Pas is correctly using the adjective “extreme.” The end.

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