DPW spokesperson Zielinski mixes it up with conservative talk radio

Earlier this morning Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Graeme Zielinski appeared on “Wisconsin’s Morning News” on WTMJ-AM (Radio 620), and during his appearance he didn’t shy away from going after media outlets like WTMJ-AM for their role working in public relations and spin for Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The WTMJ hosts wanted to ask Zielinski about allegations of fake signatures on recall petitions, but Zielsinski said the issue was a non-story and was being perpetuated editorially by the radio station. He said Wisconsin was leading the nation in jobs lost, and ranked second in the nation in terms of cuts to education.

“People in Wisconsin are taking their state back from jokers like Charlie Sykes and you guys,” Zielinski said. “People are standing up for themselves.”


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4 thoughts on “DPW spokesperson Zielinski mixes it up with conservative talk radio

  1. I got 2 words for Graeme Zielinski.

    HELLS YEAH! About damn time. We take the fight to the GOP propaganda stations at 620 and 1130. Far too few people understand how one-sided talk radio is in this state, and especially in heavily blue Milwaukee. It is far past time these people gedt called out for their BS.

    Take it to the next level. Let’s have an open records request on discussions between the Walker office and the Journal Communications radio mouthpiece. I bet there’s a whole lotta coordinatin goin on.

    Also telling, Zielinski is a former J-S writer. He knows what’s going on from the inside at Journal Communications, and how they and the MMAC are teaming up to try to help their boy Scotty. Screw civility when the other side is lying and slandering you.

  2. About that lying and slandering, how about those 47 students in a class room with no desk. hahahahahahha

  3. So, you really think Zielinski is a credible source? A good representative of the Democratic Paryt? THe very guy that got fired from the Journal Sentinel for sending harrassing emails to coworkers! THe same guy that tried to embarass those that fired them by making up stories at the Onion. THe man is an embarrassment to the communications profession!

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