Endorsements from the Crazy Burnish Mitt’s Tea Party Cred

OK, maybe Dan Quayle isn’t crazy.  Incompetent, marginal, useless. . . but not exactly crazy.  Quayle endorsed Mitt Romney on December 5.  I suppose that hasn’t made too many headlines, as Mitt probably doesn’t want to crow about an endorsement from a fellow member of the 1% too much.  Then the Crazy end of the GOP spectrum ( sounds like some sort of disease) started endorsing Romney.

On December 13, Christine O’Donnell endorsed the Mittster.  Remember her?  She famously and hugely lost an election for Senate in Delaware in 2010.  Yes, she’s a Tea Party favorite, but Delaware residents sure didn’t take to that.  I’ll agree with Stephen Colbert that her endorsement of Mitt is an attempt by Ms. O’Donnell to prove, once and for all, that she’s not a witch.   Christine O’Donnell was quick to note how Mitt Romney’s flip flopping was what attracted her to his candidacy.  Yeah, she has TEH CRAZY, all right.  From The Inquisitr:

“That’s one of the things I like about him, because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.”
Now we’ve got the certifiably nuts Nikki Haley, also a favorite of the Tea Party, endorsing MittShe actually said she did so because Mitt was not part of the Washington establishment.  OK, sure, Mitt didn’t work in Washington, but there’s no more butttoned up candidate around, is there?  Perhaps Nikki only wanted to endorse now in order to distract from the issues she has in South Carolina, like accepting a federal grant and then thwarting the work the grant was designed to support.  Yes, you and I would see that as unethical, but Mitt Romney is just trying to attract the crazy wing of the GOP, so all is good. 
The big story in the next week will be just which crazy is going to endorse who in the near future as the Iowa caucus gets closer.  Hey, maybe there’ll be a David Duke endorsement, since it looks like he’s coming back to the US.  Do you think Newt and Mitt will fight over that one? 



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2 thoughts on “Endorsements from the Crazy Burnish Mitt’s Tea Party Cred

  1. I’ve long said that the Tea Partiers are crazy – but they’re not quite Ron Paul crazy.

    These endorsements merely bring the truth into stark relief – Tea Partiers are now more concerned with gaining power than cherishing ideological purity. They can’t stand Barack Obama – but the only thing they hate worse than him is LOSING. After a round of Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, and Joe Miller – the smart ones in the group have suddenly experienced some miraculous conversion to pragmatism.

  2. Eric, you’re absolutely correct that winning, usually for the %, is the name of their game. But then, maybe they only do it for the % so they can get campaign contributions, and if the mentally ill were rich, the Repubs would change their policies.

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