Even When Governor Walker Appears to Do Something Good, It’s Because He Had To

Governor Walker recently lifted the cap on Family Care, a program designed to keep people at home rather than in nursing homes.  Turns out that’s not all there was to the story.

When I heard that the Governor had lifted the caps on Family Care, I was surprised.  Family Care allows elderly and physically disabled people and soon for people with developmental disabilities to stay either at home or in a community-based facility that is not a nursing home.  Most people do better in their own homes and having caregivers come into their homes.  The program allows people with developmental disabilities to integrate into the community more effectively.  So when Walker slashed the budget this past summer, he was doing these people harm.  I wasn’t surprised.  Attacks on people who cannot fight back is a halmark of the Walker administration.  But last week he seemed to have changed his mind.  I was all ready to give him credit for this newfound compassion, but I was too quick to do so.

 Gov. Scott Walker failed to reveal that the federal government had ordered him to immediately lift an enrollment cap on a state program to help the disabled and elderly stay out of nursing homes, instead telling reporters that his administration removed restrictions after identifying tens of millions of dollars in efficiencies in the program.

The Governor didn’t rescind the order because it was the right thing to do, he did it because the Feds slapped him around for being such a douche.

Walker told reporters the move was spurred by discussions with Family Care program providers that identified $80 million in savings. He never mentioned that the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had ordered him to remove the cap more than two weeks earlier. In a Dec. 13 letter to the state….

Rep. Jon Richards, D-Milwaukee, said Walker made a “despicable” attempt to take credit for something he was forced to do.

“I don’t remember anywhere in the Boy Scout oath the dishonesty we saw yesterday,” Richards said, playing on Walker’s assertions that he learned to conduct himself with integrity as an Eagle Scout.

Despicable is the word I’d use, too.  Scott Walker reminds me of George W. Bush.  He is incapable of taking responsibility for his mistakes.  Ever.

We cannot recall this foul beast fast enough.


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