Everybody Loves the Packers!

Public Policy Polling did a survey of voters and asked about some key NFL teams.  Based on their research, the Cowboys need to hand over their “America’s Team” status to the Packers.

I’m a recent transplant to Wisconsin and I have to say, I’ve never seen a more enthusiastic NFL fan-base.  The rest of America shares Wisconsin’s love of the Green & Gold.

22% of voters say the Packers are their favorite team in the NFL to 11% for the Cowboys, 8% for the Bears, Giants, and Steelers, 7% for the Saints, 6% for the Patriots, 4% for the Redskins, and 2% for the Jets. 24% say someone else is their favorite team or that they don’t have a favorite.

But it gets better… The Cowboys, who I grew up despising as a long-suffering Redskins fan, are actually America’s least favorite team.

The Cowboys did come out first on one question in our poll: Americans’ least favorite NFL team. 22% pick the Cowboys on that front to 11% for the Bears, 8% for the Packers, 7% for the Patriots and Redskins, 6% for the Steelers, 4% for the Jets and Giants, and 1% for the Saints.  The Cowboys may deliver awesome tv ratings but these numbers suggest that’s in large part because people are watching them and hoping they lose.

I know that’s the only reason I ever watch the Cowboys play.  As the old joke goes, “my two favorite teams are the Redskins and whoever is playing the Cowboys!”

Politically, since this is a political blog, the Packers are something that unite us as a people.

In an era of unprecedented political divisiveness liking the Packers better than the Cowboys is something Americans across the political spectrum can agree on- Democrats prefer the Packers 44-26, Republicans do 60-29, and independents do 44-30.


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  1. Wow even a political breakdown on this! Democrats numbers are a little low though. My hope is in 2012 they can join Republicans in a bipartisan spirit and get over the 50% mark. Might be tough to do with a Bears fan in the White House. Ha ha only teasing. Merry Christmas everybody!

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