Has Tom Barrett signed a Walker recall petition? I’ve been told he has

Earlier today I was alerted to a new Facebook group asking why Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett hasn’t signed a petition to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker. In a curious coincidence, a source told me just a bit ago that Mayor Barrett has in fact signed a petition to recall Gov. Walker, but that he did so privately so as not to draw attention to himself and away from where it should really be: on the effort to recall Scott Walker.

This isn’t really an earth-shattering piece of news, but I figured I’d share.


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6 thoughts on “Has Tom Barrett signed a Walker recall petition? I’ve been told he has

  1. As Nichols and Sly brought up today, Barrett’s approach shows that he isn’t running (thankfully, in my opinion, because we don’t need retreads). If he was seriously running for guv in the recall election, he’d gladly admit signing his name on the bottom line,

    He’s still being way too sanguine on the subject, but that’s sort of the way Tom operates. He’s not exactly a self-promoter, he just tries gets the job done right. Unfortunately, you usually need more than that these days.

    Tom, if you’ve signed, say so. It’ll help you with the base and the general public.

  2. If think Mayor Barrett is supporting the effort since he was one of the guest speakers at the Recall Rally at Serb Hall tonight…and a hint o f the future, Tim Cullen, Kathy Falk and Mahlon Mitchell were the other three guest speakers.

  3. i would say if you have not signed and will publicly acknowledge that you signed, do not waste our time or yours in running for Governor. For Example Russ feingold publicly signed! jus sayin…

  4. A noble act however the individual signing is done: in privacy at your dining room table or publicly at a cold snowdrifted ironing board on a street corner.

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