It’s a coup for Blogging Blue!

This is really big news, and I’m pleased as punch to have Lisa coming aboard…

Instead of writing about the Mining Bill Hearing in West Allis last week, I spent my free time figuring out why my blog was in Chinese, restoring the blog, moving the whole operation over to Blogger, and then back again. It was not pretty. Clearly, I’m a writer, not a website designer. With this in mind, I set out to find a new “home” for my writing. Waukesha Wonk is not going anywhere, and this website will remain intact, with increased security measures.

However, beginning January 2012, the bulk of my writing will be posted on Blogging Blue’s website. I’ll be joining a team of strong contributors and writers with varied viewpoints and styles, a great group of guys who have always supported my efforts, including fellow Waukesha Progressive blogger, Phil Scarr.

Hopefully, the addition of another Waukesha Liberal will not be too much for one site to handle.

I am grateful to all of my #wiunion friends, like Chris Liebenthal, among many others, who have been so helpful and kind to me over the past year, and without whom I might have quit blogging.

Instead, after a two-week break from writing, Waukesha Wonk will join forces with Blogging Blue in the new year, and will continue to move forward: stronger, sassier, and feistier than ever.


Lisa has been a heck of an addition to the Cheddarsphere, and as I said before, I’m pleased as punch to have her coming aboard. I have no doubt she’ll do great here at Blogging Blue.


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  1. So glad you on BB. I was still having trouble accessing WW even as late as yersterday. Looking forward to more.

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