8 thoughts on “Just a little confused?

  1. How many so far? Eight? Ten? Twenty? Gotta be more….right?

    Cain the only black man in the history of the world got that much coochy-pop and got no baby……riiiiiight……

    Y’all been flim-flammed, bamboozled, and hoodwinked……again

  2. That’s a disgusting batch of racism you got there, Doc. Care to review your words, apologize, and then leave?

    Let me be clear. We don’t use ugly stereotypes here. Sure, I understand others might, and when someone complains they claim they were “joking.” That would be you, eh? What we look for around here are people intelligent enough to understand when they are being racist, whether in a joke or otherwise, and then check themselves. You did not, though I can’t tell as yet whether that is due to lack of intelligence or simply a venal nature. Regardless, be warned. And take action that shows you reach of minimum standard of decency.


  3. Sorry…my mistake; like Herman Cain says, ” America needs to learn how to take a joke.” If you’d care to complain about more salacious racist comments than mine,check out MSNBC comments on his retreat from the race today; it’s up to about 3,000 racist comments now. I’m dropping this bootleg, jackleg site anyway, nothin’ but wobblies and hissies anyway. Ligthen up; you might learn something. GOODBYE.

    1. As if we were somehow graced by your presence?

      Oh Doc, you taught me so little, if only we had more time together.

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