MacIver Institute Outs The Governors Children

"Hard – Hitting" news (term used loosely) organization the MacIver Instuitute for republican studies today issued a “Breaking News (term used loosely) story”. It appears that the news that they “broke” was to “out” Scott Walkers children and subject them to unnecessary scrutiny and attention.

With stories such as this, this and this. The acts of violence and thuggery on the right were starting to take a toll so in rides the macgyver folks to the rescue. Unfortunately for them all they were able to find was their favorite whipping boy Miles Kristan. They found him linking to the walker kids via his facebook account. While Kristan has about 2200 “facebook friends” the grand total of people who had actually commented on these two links was a whopping 12 people. Included in those 12 comments were 3 DENOUNCING Kristan for posting the links.

The Maciver folks were so upset by this that they decided to run a BIG headline on their website with this very important story, and here is the kicker< with screen shots of the children in question for the whole world to see. Yes Maciver was so upset about what kristan did, that they did the exact same thing, EXCEPT, they decided to expose the kids to a much bigger audience than they ever had before. Thanks guys, great job! PS: Charlie Sykes and many other right wing extremists all jumped on the bandwagon to share in Maciver's outing of the Walker children far and wide!


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