Malodorous Mikey

Has there ever been a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice that has stunk up the joint worse than Michael Gableman?  Milwaukee Magazine editor Bruce Murphy’s latest column begins with the sentence,The sleazy saga of Justice Michael Gableman just continues to get worse”.   Yikes!  Not a lot of ambivalence there!

And the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has filed its second ethics complaint against Gableman in as many days.

I won’t go into detail about Gableman’s frequent and sordid shenanigans because Murphy and Mike McCabe of WDC have already done a thorough job,  so make sure to read both pieces in their entirety.

And be prepared to hold your nose.


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6 thoughts on “Malodorous Mikey

  1. I take exception to one thing in these articles. They all say that gableman got free legal work don on his behalf. I say thats wrong, while there may not have been any $$$ exchanged, we know that they bartered and now Gableman is paying back his end of the deal.

  2. This is an absolute joke. Why do these bogus stories always come from the dead tree newspaper. The only two cases that you can bring up where the c.b. law thats it. He was always going to vote for the conservative side why you ask because he’s a conservative!!! Not because one group did free law work for him. This is plain out stupid. Also why don’t you complain about Shirly Abrahamson voting on c.b. when she was endorsed by WEAC and AFSCME. She voted in favor of those groups why arn’t you complaining about that?

    1. Mike, Gableman had an obligation to recuse. He did not. End of story. Your whining does not changes those facts. Gableman also had an obligation to report the facts of his financial arrangements with his lawyers. He did not do so. As such, he should be ejected from the court. Gableman is not allowed to be a law unto himself.

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