UPDATED: Man Arrested in Washington County for Defacing Recall Petitions

It’s being reported on the Washington County Recall Facebook page that a man has been arrested on felony charges for destroying recall petitions.

From Facebook.  Tip-o-the-hat to @ShainaLovesMKE on Twitter for the pointer! More as I learn it.

UPDATE: I spoke to the on-duty Sergeant at the West Bend police department and got the following details:

  • Incident happened at a residence in West Bend just after noon today
  • 30 year old male
  • He is still in jail
  • Charged with 2 felony counts of defacement of a recall petition
  • Apparently, according to a witness to the incident, he scribbled all over the petitions trying to deface the signatures.
UPDATE 2: The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has the story and reports on it here.

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27 thoughts on “UPDATED: Man Arrested in Washington County for Defacing Recall Petitions

  1. How many warnings have people gotten, but then if they watch Fox or get their new from Vicki MeKenna they wouldn’t know that.

    1. Law & Order only happens to other people in their world. They’re not responsible. Or perhaps he was “only following orders…”

  2. Go, Wisconsin! I’m watching this effort from GA, and I am pulling for you all to recall Gov. Walker, the Koch stooge. Keep your eyes open and keep having these dishonest tools arrested. They’ve been warned that it is a felony to interfere with this process and seem to possess the mindset of most authoritarians that they can break the law and get away with it. Good job!!

  3. For this to play out in classic irony, he will be convicted with a felony, lose his right to vote, and the change in governor ends up being determined by the vote he didn’t get to make and a petition signer did get to make.

    1. Ah good old Notalib.

      What did I miss that made the “petulant child” model the logical choice for the behavior of so many adults?

  4. Note in the comment section (it’s about 7 am and just logged on, Monday am, Dec 5)

    “We are no longer accepting comments on this item.”

    This was the last one posted:

    Zakman55 – Yesterday at 10:48 PM – Report Abuse
    9 15
    Sure let’s go ahead and hang this guy from the highest tree. Yeah, let’s charge him with a felony. How dare someone try to “tamper” with the Democrat and union activists “right” to recall Governor Walker. After all the B S games the Democrats played this year “running” to Illinois and all the protests and all the yelling and screaming in Madison. And you know what?? Scott Walker just keeps doing what he set ou to do and was elected to do by a MAJORITY of voters in this state. The very same MAJORITY that will vote him back in again if needed. I have to laugh at all this effort and energy being spent on recalling Walker. Too bad these people couldn’t spend their energy trying to “work together” for the betterment of Wisconsin. Funny what seems to have been forgotten is that the TAXPAYERS want this state to run more cost efficiently. How quickly we forget.And Walker is trying to do just that. But yes the Dems always play by a “different” set of rules, so why change now. I would almost say this whole situation is hilarious but unfortunatly “we the people” meaning the taxpayer will be left holding the bag to pay for all of this. Thank you to all of you Recall Walker people for this. Thank you to the unions who work so hard to brainwash their membership and all their out of state money and help being brought in to remove Walker. But don’t forget we have to “punish” anyone who DARE threaten the recall Walker effort and let’s look the other way when we find all the signatures that aren’t quite legitamate. But as they say “That’s Entertainment” right ??

    1. The imaginary world they’ve created, their little pronoid planet where they’re always the winners and everyone is cheering for them, is unravelling. The reality of endless failed policies is coming home to roost. And we all have a ringside seat at the re-coupling of reality to the right wing.

      Cornered elephants can be dangerous, but in the end, they go down.

  5. I don’t care if this is a dem or repub recall…this is illegal. We should be angry with ANYONE that tries to prevent people from exercising their rights. My neighbor’s pro-Walker sign may irritate me, but I respect their right…I could easily swipe it, but it is WRONG! To do so would hypocritical and illegal…what’s so hard to understand about this?!

  6. Mike and Jim, my two favorite trolls, have been remarkably quiet on this thread. Nothing to say, boys?

  7. This is a good start. There are three other perps out there whose identities have been known for weeks who have yet to be arrested.
    Since when are felonies a low priority charge? Congratulations to the West Bend police for enforcing the law promptly, the way it should be.

  8. OMG, I am so ashamed to even say you are fellow Wisconsinites. When will you left wing hippies ever stand up on your own without help from others. You have become nothing more then PIGS feeding from the Government trough. My hope for you, is that you make your own way in this world without looking for crumbs from the master to which you have become so dependent on.

    1. But rightwing hippies are okay, huh?


      You don’t have a clue about any of us, Andy.

      Guess you just needed to vent some of that wingnut steam building up in your head, huh?

      It’s cool, Andy. Vent away. Just try to keep in mind that it doesn’t really accomplish anything, all right?

      1. So, this Angry Andy shows up with a temper tantrum 3 months after the last post.

        Did you run out of Cheetos?–and now need some posting money??

  9. Nope, I make plenty of money. I just found where you guys come to cry to each other. I’m just having some fun at the Leftists expense.
    This is going to going to be great, poking the little piggies.

  10. @Phil, you got it, I’ll tone down my volume. But, I will not sit back and watch the left dismantle the foundations of our great country. I’m trying to understand just why you guys think the way you do. Is their a forum where someone could logically explain the lefts stand on issues without it getting emotional. How about we try that.

    1. Angry Andy,

      What the hell are you so angry about? Dismantling the foundations of our great country? What the hell does that mean? Do you have an example other than your standard Beck inspired slurs? Poking little piggies? You’re open to a logical forum?

      Is it possible you’re just full of shit?

  11. @Steve, its just a name I made up. Please try to calmly explain WHY you think Walker isn’t doing exactly what he said he would do. Are you going to recall Santa because you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Face it, you guys lost the election and will lose the recall too now that you actually have to prove who you are. Election fraud is a Federal crime and the Left has been doing it for years and now you will have to face the truth that you are in the Minority. Deal with it.

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