More Stuff You Just Can’t Make Up!

Governor Walker touts his jobs record and how awesome the Wisconsin’s economy is doing.  No, I’m not kidding.

From the Wisconsin Ministry of Propaganda:

A Year of Progress for Wisconsin’s Job Climate

Madison—Today Governor Walker released a statement on Wisconsin’s year of progress in improving its economic environment.

“We’ve worked hard this year to create a business environment that encourages job creation,” said Governor Walker. “Business rankings are one way to show the progress we’ve made in moving Wisconsin in the right direction. They also remind us that we must keep working to encourage job creation in our state. Our most important goal remains helping Wisconsin families prosper; these rankings show we are laying the right foundation.”

Earlier this month, the new Forbes 2011 Best States for Business ranking was released. Wisconsin improved to 40th, moving up from 43rd in 2010 and 48th in 2009. Illinois fell behind Wisconsin for the first time in 3 years, falling to 41st. Illinois was 37th in 2010 and 24th in 2009.

Earlier this year, CNBC ranked Wisconsin 25th—up from 29th in 2010.

The Chief Executive Magazine ranking placed Wisconsin at 24th, up from 41st in 2010. Wisconsin’s improvement was the biggest jump in the nation and in the history of the magazine.

All three business rankings improved in 2011—after falling under the previous administration.

Wisconsin also recently ranked 24th in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council’s Small Business Survival Rankings. Wisconsin moved up from 31st in the previous year.

Got that?  Never mind that the state continues to hemorrhage jobs and prosperity, Forbes and the… SECSBSR (Who???) think we’re… mediocre?  You know what’s really funny?  On the Forbes list, Doyle moved Wisconsin from 48 to 43 (5 places).  Walker could only manage to move the state from 43 to 40 (3 places) in the same 12 month period.

Oh, and CNBC thinks we’re mediocre too…  But we didn’t used to be.  In 2008 we were ranked 37th.  Governor Doyle moved the needle in 2009 to 26th!  That’s 11 places in one year.

Wow, well done, Scooter!  Well done!  It’s really working, isn’t it?


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8 thoughts on “More Stuff You Just Can’t Make Up!

  1. Scarr, the blue fisted haters propaganda may not be working, the recall is already floundering.Loved watching uww students giving recall moonbats a lesson in economics today.
    Walker is working, everyday more teachers are stepping up and out of the dark side. More and more business want to relocate to Wisconsin.As soon as we get the Obungler out of the whitehouse they will come.

    1. LOL…since the governor’s main jobs growth plans have been based on stealing jobs/companies from neighboring states…I don’t see how the occupant of the White House would have any affect.

    2. “Walker is working” except for all his policies.

      1. Total nonfarm employment continues to decline.
      2. Contrary to predictions from October’s Wisconsin Economic Outlook, private nonfarm employment continues to decline.
      3. Local government employment is down by 4700 relative to January 2011, and continues to plummet.
      4. With the exception of Indiana, no other state in the Fed’s 7th district besides Wisconsin has experienced a sustained decline in its coincident index.
      5. Looking forward, Wisconsin’s leading indicator continues to signal contraction.

      No matter how much you froth and foam at the mouth about how it’s working…. it just isn’t. Not by any objective measure.

      On a personal note, if you refer to me as “Scarr” one more time, I’ll have you banned and blacklisted. It’s rude and disrespectful and I will not tolerate it. Got it?

  2. So its not all Bush’s fault, about time one of you haters started telling the truth. Now don’t you fell better ED.

    stand with Walker

    we will be A great state by A great lake again

    1. “we will be A great state by A great lake again” after we eject Walker from the governor’s mansion and send him packing. The future of Wisconsin’s economy depends on it.

    2. Ray…I will place blame where it is due…Governor Walker’s inability to steal jobs from the other 49 states…is all his fault.

  3. What do you expect? It’s Walker World- facts don’t matter, posing for Milwaukee talk show hosts does.

    The train fiasco and the millions of extra dollars Walker’s stupid move is costing state taxpayers is Exhibit A of that mentality.

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