I know I wrote about this yesterday, but while it seems like the same story, its actually happening all over the state.

A 32-year-old River Falls, Wis., woman was arrested over the weekend after allegedly spitting on a woman working to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Kaarin A. Thompson was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct following the Sunday afternoon incident, said River Falls Police Chief Roger Leque. She could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Leque said police were called out to the 600 block of North Main Street in River Falls at about 1 p.m. by workers collecting recall signatures. They reported that a woman – later identified as Thompson – stopped her vehicle, approached them and began swearing, Leque said.

Thompson reportedly tipped over a table used to collect signatures, threw it towards the street and spat at one of the workers, Leque said.

Thompson got back into the vehicle and left before police arrived. One of the signature collectors got Thompson’s license plate information, Leque said

It was also not an isolated incident:

Jim Camery, chair of the Pierce County Democratic Party, said the recall workers felt threatened by Thompson and were upset by the incident, but continued collecting signatures.

The incident followed a similar one on Saturday in which the sheriff’s department was called after
a man began shouting at recall signature collectors in Elmwood, Wis., said Camery. The man left before police arrived, he said.

Camery said tensions are rising over the Walker recall effort, and incidents like those that occurred over the weekend are becoming more frequent.

Very intelligent and mature way to show your support for Governor Walker, spitting on people who disagree with you. It is getting out of hand. It is time for Governor Walker or any leader from the republican party to step up and denounce the violence coming from the right. If they do not soon, someone will get hurt and the blood will be on Scott Walker’s hands!

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9 Responses to Republican Thugs – Mad Spitter Edition

  1. What a bunch of dumbasses. They’ll get cited for disorderly conduct and we’ll get the signatures we need anyway. Brilliant.

  2. Gareth says:

    Walker and the Republicans want blood to be spilled, as long as it isn’t theirs. When it comes to suppressing union rights, Republicans in Wisconsin have always been willing to spill blood. Take a look at the Kohler striked in the 1950’s. Workers’ homes were machine-gunned by company thugs. This is the history of Wisconsin Republicanism, violence is always in the closet waiting to leap out.

  3. kaarin thompson says:

    This is Kaarin Thompson I am a libertarian not a republican and i didn’t spit on her or swear at her. I said he got the job fair.

  4. Jeff Simpson says:

    Suuuuure you did and suuuure he did!

    • Super Id says:

      I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. However, I did notice that she did not deny that she tipped over the table. I’ll take that as an admission.

  5. Jeff Simpson says:

    Hey SI..long time no see…hope things are good!

  6. kaarin thompson says:

    if you want to know the whole story- I moved into low income housing and put up my ron paul signs and they said take them down or we’ll evict you. so i had no choice but to take them down. then i saw the western wi democrates doing the recall procedure on the same government property. so I was mad that the company would let them protest on it but i couldn;t put up my signs. so it really didn’t have much to do with walker i just felt my rights were being trampled on so i trampled on theirs. I had even signed the petition but after all of this i voted for walker.

  7. Jeff Simpson says:

    Thanks for the clarification. If your rights are taken take others ….brilliant thinking

  8. kaarin thompson says:

    I didn’t say it was right.

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