Republican Thugs – Typical Story Edition

This year as we have been chronicling there have been many republican thug tactics against people who disagree with them. The sad thing is that this has started at the top from Scott Walker and David \" Chokehold\" Prosser down to psycho right wing militia men who live for this kind of battle. Yet another story comes out of republican violence against a recall Walker/Kleefisch petitioner.

Madison police said 54-year-old Earl Gluth of Stoughton was photographing a 41-year-old Madison woman collecting signatures on a sidewalk outside a grocery store Thursday. The Wisconsin State Journal reported ( that Gluth allegedly said her photo was going “on the website” and snapped photos of license plates, saying he was going to look up petitioners’ addresses.

The woman claimed that when she grabbed her phone to photograph Gluth, he knocked the phone and petition clipboard to the pavement. She said she then followed Gluth into the store, where he yelled about her following him and being “anti-Walker.” He was cited for disorderly conduct.

The effort to recall Walker is fueled by anger over the proposal passed this year that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for public workers.

Gluth said Saturday he felt threatened when the woman “put the phone in his face” and put his hands up, knocking the petition and the phone. He said he approached the petitioners because one walked in front of his vehicle and he had to slam on his breaks.

Gluth said he doesn’t lean one way or another on the recall effort.

“To each his own,” he said. “Everyone has their own opinion on everything.”

There is getting to be a pattern here and this case follows it perfectly! lets break it down.

1. It starts out with a republican male who tries to bully/harass/intimidate/abuse a woman!

2. Then the republican male who just assaulted the woman, blames it on the victim, or if they are powerful enough, have their paid hacks blame the victim for them.

3. Then said blatantly republican, and Scott Walker supporting male, professes political independence.

4. Remind everyone that Robin Vos (R-ALEC) had a beer dumped on his head.

Lather – Rinse – Repeat


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2 thoughts on “Republican Thugs – Typical Story Edition

  1. Wannabe Republican thugs, who listen to too much hate radio, live in a cosy little fantasy world in which they are the strong and we are the weak, and they can bully us at will. Wrong. What goes around comes around or to put it another way, Karma can be a bitch.

    I’m just like Santa. I’m keeping a list so I’ll know who’s been naughty or nice. By the way, it is amazing how much legal trouble some of these people have been in. There’s a clear pattern of social deviance in most cases.

  2. Yes there is a clear pattern of social deviance, these are the people that the republican leadership have given the OK to to go and do this stuff.

    Scott walker needs to step up and show leadership and denounce this junk.

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