Republican Voter Fraud

I recently called out Reince Priebus for blatantly lying about voter fraud in Wisconsin. While I can’t do anything about Priebus’s total disdain for the great state of Wisconsin, I can help him out with his voter fraud obsession. Mr. Priebus here are a couple of stories you might be interested in.

1. The first one starts right at the top with republican presidential front runner Mitt Romney, who really is a man of the people, since he puts as his voting address his son’s unfinished basement in MA. From Mother Jones:

The local fishmonger told Karger, “They flew the coop. They moved to California. I haven’t seen Mrs. Romney in over two years, and she used to come in here all the time.” Likewise, churchgoers used to worshiping with the Romneys told Karger that they also hadn’t seen the Romneys in a couple years. Yet the Romneys continued to vote in Massachusetts, including in the January 2010 special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. Karger says he even received personal confirmation from Ann Romney about the couple’s living arrangements. In April, Karger says he ran into her in Las Vegas at a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition, where Mitt was speaking. According to Karger, Ann told him they are living in California.

I guess $12 million dollar house in Ca must just be a tax write off.

2. A little closer to home, Indiana’s Republican Chief Election Officer Charged With Voter Fraud:

Some remarkable news late today. Finding he was not eligible to be a candidate on the ballot in the November 2010 election, a Marion County Circuit judge has ordered Indiana’s Republican Sec. of State Charlie White removed from office and replaced by his Democratic challenger Vop Isili, the second highest vote getter in that election.

The order comes as part of a civil suit brought by the state Democratic Party which has long charged, both before and ever since the election, that White was not eligible to be a candidate on the ballot….

Separately, White still faces seven criminal felony charges, including three of them for voter fraud, related to the fact that he did not live at the address where he was registered to vote in the 2010 election. As he was not a properly registered Indiana voter, he was not eligible to be a candidate on the ballot, Rosenberg has ruled. Moreover, at the time of his election, White was a member of the Fishers Town Council — a town in which he no longer lived since separating from his wife and moving out of her house, where he remained registered to vote, several years earlier. Democrats charge he retained his registration at the house so that he could continue to collect his salary as a Council Member.

Since divorcing his wife White had remarried and purchased a condominium in a different town, but claimed the reason he stayed registered at his former wife’s house was because he had hoped to move back some day. The Indiana Recount Commission accepted that explanation. The Marion County Circuit judge, apparently, did not.

Also in this story, a little icing on the republican family values cake:

Mr. White further explained that he was living at his ex-wife’s house to avoid living with his new wife until they were married.


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    1. That was never really confirmed, but I had multiple sources tell me that before buying his current residence he was actually residing with his paramour in Madison.

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