Scott Fitzgerald

State Senator Scott Fitzgerald, held a listening session recently and Lori Compas showed up to face him and call him out on his fundraising letters that are blatantly untrue.

Bravo once more to Lori Compas! I am getting ready to start the Lori Compas for Governor campaign. Scott Fitzgerald never had the guts to face anyone he disagree with in person and Ms. Compas showed up at a listening session to not only face him but call him out on his lies!

Help Lori recall Fitz! NO ONE deserves it more!!

In case you forgot:


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3 thoughts on “Scott Fitzgerald

  1. I suspect what Big Fitz doesn’t like is that in just over half of the allotted time RecallFitz has gathered almost two thirds of the minimum signatures necessary to trigger an election. Nice work RecallFitz!

    If they get the signatures I think Lori Compas should consider running against him. She’s already won their first debate. Notice how she has control of the conversation?

    Off your game a bit Fitzy?

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