Thanks for the warning, Professor Rick.

Professor Rick Esenberg admits he doesn’t always read the work of other ” community columnists” ( the quotation marks are his) in the Journal Sentinel, but apparently one of them has really, really caught the eye of the onerously earnest adjunct Law prof.

George Wagner’s column in the JS notes that 46% of Milwaukee’s children live in poverty as opposed to 5% of children in Finland, and that Finnish kids seem to do much better in school. Wagner goes on to cite studies which show that most Americans would like to see wealth more evenly distributed, and argues for a fairer system of taxation to remedy the problem.  Enter the Esenberg

In solemn tone and sonorous language Prof Rick schools us all on the futility of attempting to address the income inequality that plagues America, and bemoans the sad state of the nation, writing, ” we live in coarse times in which the notion that someone has the right to keep what they earn is regarded as antiquated and insufficiently sophisticated.”  Cue heavy sigh.

But languish not in despair, Dear reader. Esenberg promises that he will address this very topic in his very next column for the Journal Sentinel.

Thanks for the warning, Professor Rick.


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  1. Dear Professor: Please tell me how 6 members of the Walton family clan “earned” more wealth than the other 294 million Americans.

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