The ” Write Sensenbrenner’s Apology ” Sweepstakes.

Looks like Big Jim  Sensenbrenner plans to apologize to First Lady Michelle Obama for remarking that she has a ” large posterior”. What a guy.

So, what should Sensenbrenner say? Let’s hear your ideas. Write Sensenbrenners apology for him and win the sweepstakes prize of a bag of Cheetohs and some shrimp, which is reportedly Big Jim’s favorite food on his birthday.

Here’s my entry. ” Dear Mrs. Obama, Most of Wisconsin knows I’m a big asshole and, well… now you know it too.”

Let’s hear yours!


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3 thoughts on “The ” Write Sensenbrenner’s Apology ” Sweepstakes.

  1. You give him too much credit steve….I can see kind of a bobby knight apology:

    “I am sorry i said that about michelle’s posterior. No matter how big it is I should have kept my remarks strictly to the country club and in closed session not made them in public.”

  2. Dear Mrs. First Lady,

    I’m sorry I upset your ranty liberal-radical partisan friends who have blogs on the Intertubes. They clearly don’t understand like you and I do that politics is hardball and that it’s all just business. I’m sorry those bloggers are your friends, and you should be, too. Out of respect for you as a person, and in consideration of your obviously large appetite, I’m sending a week’s supply of Cheetos and shrimp. Real brain food, which you and your failed president of an alien, illegal immigrant husband could use more of. Sincerely, F. Jimmy

  3. Dear Mrs. Obama:
    I apologize for my thoughtless, crude and unkind words. Oh, wait, that’s confusing. I apologize for the thoughtless, crude and unkind words that I got caught saying about you. If I apologize for every thoughtless, crude and unkind word I say I’d have to start out with an apology every time I open my mouth.
    Anyway, I apologize for what I said about your caboose. Oh, wait. I apologize for calling your hinterlands a caboose. Oh, wait. I apologize for remarking on the size of your patootie. Oh, wait….
    Please don’t rip off my head with your perfectly toned arms, the ones that demonstrate that you are strong and healthy and able to rip me apart without breaking a sweat.
    Sincerely, etc.

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