THIS is what Democracy Looks Like

This chant has been used a few times in the last year in WI, sometimes legit and sometimes a stretch. It probably has never fit more than in this case. Our friends at Dane 101 have the story:

Lori Compas never planned to become a one-woman political committee. A freelance photographer and writer originally from St. Louis but now a resident of Fort Atkinson, Compas is active in her community: A member of the Garden Club, the Arts Council, and board member at her children’s school. But during the height of the protests at the Capitol last winter, as people began calling for the recall of the governor and several state legislators, Compas decided that her own senator needed to be one of them. …

“I decided last Friday that I would do this,” Compas explains. “I realized that if I didn’t do it, it wasn’t gonna happen.” However, she admits, “I feel like I’m this little ant flinging a crumb at a giant.”

Compass called up the Government Accountability Board to ask how it could be done. After filling out all of the necessary paperwork, she went to the GAB offices on Tuesday and filed as the one-woman Committee to Recall Scott Fitzgerald and the race was on.

Memo to Mike Tate: Lori Compas is GRASSROOTS. Lori Compas wins elections. She is the perfect example of the people having enough and getting involved in their community and working to change it. Ms. Compas is also one the things that sets the parties apart. The Democratic party has these people, our friends on the right really do not.

Senator Scott Fitzgerald ran unopposed in a district that leans right so she is running into resistance right?

Compas says, “It’s been beautiful. I can’t believe the response.”

While she has had a great response from people in the district, she has caught the eye of a certain Senator named Fitzgerald, and he is not happy. Scott Fitzgerald has even went so far as to change his taxpayer funded website to mislead the voters of his district. In the upper right hand corner of his website, he has links to two different district maps.

On the 2001 district map which he labels “Previous district map” and follows that up with the 2011 District Map which he labels “current district map”. Either Fitzgerald is not very smart, or he is purposefully trying to mislead his constituents. Not only have the new districts not been enacted yet, they would not take effect until after the recalls anyway.

Might be a good idea to contact Scott Fitzgerald and ask him why he would do that:

Madison Office
Room 211 South
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882
Voting Address
N4692 Maple Road
Juneau, WI 53039
(608) 266-5660
District Telephone
(920) 386-2218
(608) 267-6795

Now for everyone else who wants to help Ms. Compas change the course of our great state!
DONATE to help the recall effort (I did), and visit the Recall Fitz website and help out! With Jeff running for US Senate and a recall of Scoot, we could finally rid ourselves of the plague that has been the Brothers Fitzgerald and the Fizt in Fitzwalkerstan!

Kudos and Safe Travels to Lori Compas!!!


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3 thoughts on “THIS is what Democracy Looks Like

  1. Thanks. More than anything we need volunteers on the ground collecting signatures. Please make a big “Recall FITZ” sign, put on a Santa hat, and come grab a clipboard! We have shifts available in Fort Atkinson this Sunday, in Jefferson and Deerfield on Saturday, and Watertown and Beaver Dam every day. Please see to sign up for a shift (not all towns are online yet but we’re working on it). Thanks again for your kind words.

  2. 1. Sen. Fitzgerald did not run unopposed in the last election.

    2. For the purposes of representation, the new lines have gone into effect. For the purposes of elections, the old maps are used. The state legislative site guides people to who represents them. I agree that the timing is suspect, but they are not wrong per se.

  3. 1. I am sorry i stand corrected. I just assumed that the only way he would win an election, being such an unethical lightweight was by running unopposed.

    2. I will disagree with you here. The new gerrymandered districts are still being held up in court so they are not in effect yet. Granted they know that anything sent to the WISC will be rubberstamped but until even Prosser would have to feel a touch of embarrassment by ok’ing this new map.

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