Thugs Threaten Boycotts…

Earlier in the year, Earlier in the year, some union members in southeast Wisconsin suggested that if a business owner did not support the unions efforts in total it might lead to a boycott of their business.

Wow, did that make the right wing in our great state unhinged. The head in the sand conservative website:

Thugs. Goons. Bullies. Greenshirts. Purpleshirts. Brownshirts. Stormtroopers.

Every single one of those descriptions fits the members of the Left, from unhinged anarchists and moonbats like Jim Shankman and Katherine Windels to the thugs, goons and bullies from SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, the Teamsters and the Wisconsin Extortion Association Council, every one of them is straight out of 1930s Germany with their tactics and style of intimidation.

We had AFSCME thugs attempting racketeering and extortion on small businesses in Union Grove this week, threatening to shut down any business that declined to put a pro-AFSCME sign in its window.

Public employee Ann and Meade Althouse:

Alex said…

So Wisconsin officially becomes North Korea.
3/31/11 11:45 AM

(Ed. Note: While this is a comment on the story, I felt it fit with the attitude of the right wing perfectly and the story was so poorly written there was no pull quote to use).

Boots and Sabers called out Marty Beil(who had nothing to do with it).

THEN Marty Beil decides to disown this action. Whatever. If it had worked, he’d be singing its praises.

Even Senator Van Wanggaard was so upset wanted an investigation into these activities:

Wanggaard said he believes the threats may violate the Taft-Hartley Act and other state laws, according to a press release that he issued Thursday.

“These kinds of mob tactics are rightly forbidden under the law, and should be prosecuted,” Wanggaard said in the press release.

He sent letters requesting an investigation to Racine County District Attorney Michael Nieskes, U.S. Attorney James Santelle and Attorney General JB Van Hollen, Wanggaard’s press release stated.

WOW were they mad. Majorly outraged! Like who would believe that someone would threaten to boycotts businesses over political beliefs? Why do these thugs hate small business so much they want to see it driven from the state? why do…….wait whats this?

In response to this story about a bar fight involving the recalls, Vicki Mckenna tweets:

Vicki Mckenna
Vicki Mckenna
and now you know which bar to avoid in cudahy
16 Dec

Huh Vicki hates small business owners and is calling on her listeners to boycott this establishment say it aint so. Im crushed to see the hypocrisy from someone so whose very character embodies what the righties in this state are all about. This has to be an isolated incident right? Ummm no…our good friends over at the Boots took it up a notch even:

2) Power of the purse.

Just like the recall employees/volunteers, everyone who signs a recall petition is signing a public document. I’ll be looking at those names and making them public – especially for people in my neck of the woods. If you sign the petition and happen to own or run a local business, you can expect me to publicize that fact and decline to spend any more of my hard earned dollars with your establishment. After all, if you get your way I will need those dollars to pay my taxes

WOW so the right wing cheddarsphere will be watching every move you make if you dare sign a petition and engaged in democracy. If you are a local business then you better really watch out!

It is so confusing, boycotts are bad except when they are good but of course its not a boycott if you say its not a boycott even if you publicize the peoples names and business that signed the petition and make sure and tell everyone that you will not be spending money in their business despite the fact that it looks and sounds like a boycott but it is ok because those businesses disagree with you so they deserve to be boycotted but do not ever threaten the businesses that we agree with because that is brownshirts tactics……UGGGGHHH I see why the right wing in this state are so bitter and negative, trying to follow the logic of the right wing political pundits is enough to make anyones head explode.

Do they stand for anything? Is Wanggaard still up for investigation of this intimidation?


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6 thoughts on “Thugs Threaten Boycotts…

  1. If I recall correctly, “union thugs” was also the catch-phrase of the week on Faux News. This wasn’t just false outrage, it was well orchestrated false outrage.

  2. Bars have their own repeat clientele, they don’t really depend on people wandering in for a few beers. The union members who frequent that establishment will keep going there despite Vicki “STD” McKenna’s order to her mouth-breathing listeners to boycott it. I’m sure the other customers will be really upset by the lack of Republican dingbats.

    Aren’t there any laws governing the use of broadcast radio or television to organize boycotts of businesses? Couldn’t the radio station carrying her show be sued?

  3. I’ve been adding all that I can find, at least that way I know that the people I am shopping with aren’t armed!

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