What is Mittens Hiding?

Why won’t Mittens release his tax returns?

Apparently Mittens plans to break with a longstanding Presidential electoral tradition and will refuse to release his tax returns.

A spokesman for President Obama‘s re-election campaign blasted Mr. Romney and questioned whether he had something to hide in his finances.

“Why does Governor Romney feel like he can play by a different set of rules?” said Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign. “What is it that he doesn’t want the American people to see? Governor Romney, who has favored secrecy over openness time after time, should live up to the same standard of disclosure his father and others set.”

What is Mittens’ concealing in his tax records that he doesn’t want the American public to see?  What is Mittens hiding?  It might be this:

The arrangement with Bain also most likely means that much of Mr. Romney’s income is taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income under a provision aimed at hedge fund and private equity managers. Releasing his tax returns would allow Mr. Romney’s rivals to calculate the effective tax rate he is paying.

That could be politically difficult for Mr. Romney, who often talks about the need to help middle-class Americans get through the current economic difficulties.

Mitt is as far removed from the 99% than anyone can be.


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2 thoughts on “What is Mittens Hiding?

  1. Same reason that Obama won’t release his college records and Clinton never released his health records.

  2. I did a quick search of “Clinton medical records release” and note here that the first source complaining about that issue is the notorious racist Stormfront.org. Are you REALLY taking your lead from them, forgotmyscreenname?

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