When in doubt, shoot the messenger

Governor Scott Walker takes a shot at The St. Norbert College/Wisconsin Public Radio poll which found him trailing significantly in a in a poll asking if he should be recalled.  He misses… big.

PolitiFact rates his statement

“Literally, it’s been wrong in almost every election,” Walker said. “It’s been completely off the mark. It’s nowhere near any other poll that’s been out there. I don’t take any credence in that.”

as full-on false.

PolitiFact found that

In it’s most recent poll, St. Norbert wasn’t trying to predict an election outcome. It was  looking at whether the general public favored a recall. Secondly, GOP spokesman Sparks and Walker were wrong about the poll when it came to the 2010 results. The poll got that race right. And there’s no evidence that the poll has been consistently wrong in the past.

Ruh-roh, Republicans!


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2 thoughts on “When in doubt, shoot the messenger

  1. Typical GOP projection problem. Because Rasmussen polls are acknowledged as right-wing garbage trying to pass for news, Walker and co. assume real polls that don’t give right-wing garbage must be biased for the other guys.

    Uhhh, not so much. As I’ve said before, when you have to lie, you are LOSING. And these guys have been chronically lying for the last year. Not just spinning, flat out LYING.

  2. If Scooter and the gang want to go on believing that the poll is wrong, then let him. I just want to be there when he wakes up the morning after the election and the full gravity of his demise finally hits him. Priceless!!

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