Wherever Walker goes, inmate assaults on staff follow

Why is it that wherever Republican Gov. Scott Walker goes, inmates on staff who work for him rise precipitously?

According to a report in the Fond Du Lac Reporter, inmate assaults on staff at Dodge Correctional Institution have risen, with four staff having been sent to the hospital for treatment after being attacked by inmates.

Over at the excellent Eye on Wisconsin blog, Cory Liebmann did an excellent job of pointing out that decreased correctional staff safety (not to mention morale) are part of a continuing pattern wherever Scott Walker has been in charge.

So while Scott Walker likes to pay lip service to the idea that he “appreciates” the work that public employees do – work that includes supervising inmates in our state’s correctional facilities – the cold hard truth of things is that to Scott Walker corrections staff are nothing more than line items in a budget.


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6 thoughts on “Wherever Walker goes, inmate assaults on staff follow

  1. Reduced staffing not only increases the danger for staff but gives gangs and violent predators a greater opportunity to abuse and control the inmate population. You cannot have adequate security without full staffing by motivated correctional officers.

    Perhaps increasing the danger to officers is Walker’s way of punishing them for belonging to unions.

  2. This isn’t gang violence, it’s staff getting lazy and not doing their jobs.they treat the inmates like animals ,so they should be ready when the inmate acts like an animal.

    1. Ahhh, there’s the verdict from the wacko rightwing, always ready to blame the victims of violence. So by your logic, any police officers who are shot are “lazy and not doing their jobs.” The soldiers killed in the line of duty are “lazy and not doing their jobs.” Logic is not your strong suit, I see.

    2. If we apply ray’s “logic,” victims of domestic abuse are to blame for being victimized, because they clearly were lazy and treated their husbands/partners poorly.

  3. Scarr, using your blue fisted haters logic all the fault belongs to government
    Ya all those soldiers dieing thats all Obama’s fault ,border agents getting killed Obama’s fault, cops and deputy’s mayor and county ex fault Scarr is there any common sense in your head.When you moonbats want to start blaming look at yourselfs

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