Wisconsin Watch Publishes Interactive Map Showing State-by-State Walker Donations

Wisconsin Watch has published an interactive map (map may take awhile to load) that shows the location of donors supporting Governor Walker.  The map does a nice job of visualizing the significant number and dollar value of out-of-state donations that have flown into the Walker camp from big donors in Texas, Illinois, CA and elsewhere around the country.  Their report shows that nearly half of donors where zip code data was available or that were over $10 were from outside the state.

Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has the data for donors above $1,000 in an alphabetical list.  You’ll find some prominent names from within the state like Russ Darrow ($5,000 – cars must be selling well), John Flesch of Gordon Flesch ($6,000), George Gialamas ($2,500), Kimberlee Hendricks of ABC Supply ($5,000), Dennis Kuester of M&I ($50,000), 3 Schuette’s of Wausau Homes ($102,500) and lots more worth perusing to see where money they’ve earned from some of you is being spent.


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