A Correction: Dr. Tim Nerenz

Sometimes my zeal gets the best of me.  I would like to issue an apology and a correction to my piece on Dr. Nerenz, Libertarian Hypocrite of the Week.  He did indeed write a dissertation for his Ph.D.  I was mistaken and I apologize for calling into question his bona fides and his educational accomplishments.

Although I remain undeterred in my proof that his libertarian philosophy is a direct contradiction of the way his company does business through government contracts, his academic accomplishments are not at issue here nor should they have been.


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8 thoughts on “A Correction: Dr. Tim Nerenz

  1. Thanks for the correction & apology, Phil. It’s never a bad thing to admit when you’re wrong, because we all make mistakes.

  2. When I’m wrong, I admit it. It sucks to be wrong, but hey… Nobody’s perfect, me least of all.

  3. Curiosity got the best of me, so I read the original commentary. Except for the PHD paragraph at the end, the original commentary is right-on: right-wingers, including Libertarians, often feed at the public (“socialist”) trough, while condemning “socialist” programs that benefited them.

    1. And as I said above, I stand by my assessment of his hypocricy. It is quite typical of libertarians to beat Uncle Sam over the head with their begging bowls.

  4. No blood, no foul, no hard feelings, Phil – I’ve made mistakes blogging, too. Thank you for printing the correction. Best regards.

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