Abele to run unopposed for reelection as Milwaukee County Executive

This is disappointing…

With the withdrawal of the sole opponent to surface in the race for Milwaukee County Executive, 8 1/2 -month incumbent Chris Abele appears to be headed for a free ride for a full four-year term in the April election.

Steve Hogan, a self-employed Franklin carpenter, said Tuesday he was dropping out of the county executive race because he had been unable to collect the required 2,000 petition signatures to get on the ballot.

While I don’t necessarily believe Chris Abele has done a terrible job during his tenure as County Executive, but at the same time, I’m not particularly enamored with Abele or the job he’s done.


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2 thoughts on “Abele to run unopposed for reelection as Milwaukee County Executive

  1. On a related issue– the office of Mayor for the City of Milwaukee:
    Finally we have a progressive candidate to challenge the incumbent who has ignored the poverty level of the majority population (“minority”, to some). Edward McDonald has a passion for the entire community– his Build Milwaukee plan addresses the needs of the neglected north and west sides.
    Do we want more-of-the-same, or do we want progress in addressing the issues?

  2. Edward McDonald has so many ties to crooked schemes from Milwaukee to Minnesota, you can’t be serious.

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