Adolf Hitler Never Goes Away

Adolf Hitler is one the most vile, disgusting human beings in the history of the world (millions of years to most of us, just a few thousand years if your from West Bend). That being said, his name is still bandied about often so if you are going to use it(you shouldnt), there are a few “Hitler Rules” to be aware of.

1. Don’t use it, there is no comparison to Hitler, when you use it you, you use the debate.

2. As Godwin's Law suggests: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches

3. Mel Brooks can make anything funny even Hitler.

4. This is also funny!

5. Finally if your a republican STOP PRETENDING YOU HAVE THE HIGH GROUND HERE – You do not!

A teacher from Slinger is under fire for making a Hitler reference in an email to his elected representative – Don Pridemore.

Pridemore wrote that school districts had benefited from the budgetary tools in the legislation, passed last year by the Republican-controlled Legislature, that stripped most public employee unions of most bargaining ability and required members to contribute more to their health insurance and pensions.

Koszarek identified himself in the email as a “proud WEAC Board member, Slinger teachers’ negotiator and Wisconsin citizen.” WEAC is the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the state’s largest teachers union, which bitterly opposed the state legislation, known as Act 10, and Koszarek took exception to Pridemore’s analysis of its benefits.

“Of course you are in Washington County where Hitler would have defeated Reagan had he the ‘R’ in front of his name on the ballot,” Koszarek said in the email, which was dated Jan. 1 at 10:26 p.m.

Pridemore is wrong, Koszarek is even more wrong, we get it.

Robert Reynolds, district administrator, said he talked to Koszarek.

Should be end of story right, after all, the email was written on Koszarek’s own time, at home and on his own computer. Of course the vindictive republican party is never happy until people lose their jobs so that is not enough for them.

Pridemore made the email public, and soon the district was inundated with angry calls and emails. Internet chatter also was buzzing.

The republican smell blood in the water and they attack. I am glad Representative Pridemore released the email immediately to the public, I wonder however if he also so quick and thorough with open records requests?

Koszarek emailed an apology the next day but that is not enough for Superintendent Reynolds.

Still, Reynolds says, the email did damage to the school district.

Superintendent Reynolds, i am sure you are a very intelligent person and well qualified for your position. I would just like to clarify something for you? A teacher exercising his first amendment rights hurts the school district, yet a The $517.85 per pupil cut in funding that Rep. Pridemore gladly voted for does not? Remind me not to send my children to the college that you attended!

Finally to representative Pridemore and his aide who ran to the Superintendent. One thing I learned in school was to check your work. I am glad that you were outraged that someone would use a Hitler reference, so let us see if you are consistent on that:

1. Recently Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald , based an a fabricated macgruber report, sent out a fundraising letter saying Hitler was signing recall petitions. Hmmmm 0 hits on Google.

2. Nationally known political activist kim Simac, loves to throw Hitler and Nazi references around when talking about Wisconsin's public servants. . Yet I can not find a single story of you denouncing her.

3. Dane Deutsch wisconsin assembly republican candidate professed his love for Hitler's leadership abilities. Can not seem to find anywhere your denouncement of this despicableness.

So let’s be real Representative Pridemore, you just released the email and ran to the Superintendent to continue your attack on public workers, feed the divide and hatred in this state and try and score political points. There is absolute no consistency whatsoever in your selective outrage. SHAME on you Representative Pridemore. SHAME ON YOU!

** PS: If I am wrong, and you did publicly denounce any of the aforementioned despicable acts, please let me know and I will gladly correct my post.

Finally here is rule #3:


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  1. Generally, when you refer to Hitler, you’ve conceded the argument.

    Except this… This is genius.

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