Big news for Drinking Liberally Waukesha!

Phil Scarr and I are shocked, saddened, and thrilled to announce that Drinking Liberally Waukesha will be moving to a new venue after our February 6th meeting. We’re shocked that we have too many Waukesha County liberals  to fit into our current space, saddened to leave Sprizzo Gallery Caffe, whose staff made us feel at home deep in the heart of Waukesha, and thrilled that Tammy Baldwin will join us for an Extraordinarily Special Session of Drinking Liberally Waukesha on February 20th at our new location!

Starting with our Extraordinarily Special Session on February 20thwe’ll meet at Bullwinkles/Panos, 20290 W. Bluemound Rd. Yes, technically that’s in Brookfield, but the place meets all of our needs: easy access, giant parking lot, an extensive bar including a wide variety of beer on tap, a large food menu, and, most importantly, a room that can hold up to 200 people. We’ll be able to drink, eat, listen to speakers, and mingle all in one space. And we won’t have to worry about possibly breaking fire code on March 5th, when Mahlon Mitchell comes to speak to us.

Phil and I want to thank Karla, Jeff, and the entire staff at Sprizzo for their generosity and for making us feel so welcome. If it weren’t for the lack of space, Drinking Liberally Waukesha would happily remain at Sprizzo indefinitely. I know I’ll be back to visit often-for the atmosphere, the artichoke dip, and the chocolate cake. And, of course, to grab a drink.


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7 thoughts on “Big news for Drinking Liberally Waukesha!

  1. Wow congratulations! I tried to get Tammy to Drinking Liberally MKE but was unsuccessful. That’s a big coup for you guys!

    1. We’re hoping to do a joint DL with you guys for this one. It, unfortunately, collides with your meeting in February. So you want to “hook up” for this one?

      1. We’ve already got a special guest booked for our February meeting, and I don’t want to cancel on him, otherwise I’d absolutely combine the two events.

  2. And you gotta love that former Badger/ NFl lineman Joe Panos is down with having his place be a site for it. Good to see you guys fight back and show that there’s some reason for hope in what otherwise seems to be a horrible cesspool of racist, scared redness.

  3. WOW – hate to leave Sprizzo but what a good reason! I recently met Tammy Baldwin when she spoke at the Fair Wisconsin Leadership Conference – such a strong and inspiring leader. Since Sprizzo is around the corner from the Obama office and just down the street from the recall campaign office, we will still be the often. OFA will help spread the word about the venue change. Please confirm: Feb. 6 will still be at Sprizzo, but the 20th and beyond at Bullwinkle’s?

    1. Hi Kristin,

      Yes- Feb 6th at Sprizzo, Feb 20 at Bullwinkles/Panos, March 5th (with Mahlon Mitchell!) at Bullwinkles/Panos, and beyond.
      I will send out an email to the Drinking Liberally Waukesha list (in all the excitement about the pro-Walker rally, I forgot).

      Thanks! 🙂

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