Breaking News: The Mary Williams Review to do Encore Presentation

Mary Williams, ( R-Medford, Mine Shill), Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Small Business and the Economy, is taking a page out of the Scott Walker playbook.

After a public outcry regarding her failure to hold a hearing on the new mining bill in northern Wisconsin, and the prospect of a hearing beyond her control scheduled by Dem reps Bob Jauch and Janet Bewley , Williams has decided to hold a hearing in the northland after all. It’s a lot like Walker lifting the cap on Family Care without mentioning the federal mandate to do so. It’s the ” I’ll do the right thing only if someone forces me to.” approach to politics.

Williams so-called hearing in Hurley last October was little more than a staged pep rally for the Penokee Mine supporters given that there was, at the time, no legislation to review or critique. And her next hearing will be held in……..Hurley! Again! An encore presentation!

So, according to staffers from William’s and Bewley’s offices, the Jauch/Bewley hearing in Ashland on Saturday has been cancelled, and the Mary Williams ” You’re Gonna LOVE This Mine ” Review will be staged on Wednesday, January 11th, 10:00 am at the Hurley Inn. 

Get your tickets now. Limited seating available.



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