Can we finally stop with the Hitler sh*t?

No matter on which side of the ideology divide you find yourself, no matter how much you find to dislike about your opponent’s position or ideas or personality…they are not Adolph Hitler. President George W. Bush is not Hitler, Vice President Dick Cheney is not Hitler, President Barack Obama is not Hitler, Rep. Nancy Pelosi is not Hitler, Sen. Harry Reid is not Hitler, Governor Scott Walker is not Hitler, and the Brothers Fitzgerald are not Hitler. As fellow Blogging Blue Staff Writer Jeff Simpson stated in his blog earlier today, “Adolf Hitler is one the most vile, disgusting human beings in the history of the world”. No matter our differences, no one in the American political milieu is going to be as contemptible as Adolph Hitler.

No where in contemporary political discourse is there room for comparing one of our fellow Americans to Adolph Hitler…NO WHERE.

Whether it comes from the right or the left or the middle ground, we all should speak out to denounce such hateful speech. If we won’t tolerate it any longer it can’t continue to exist.


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14 thoughts on “Can we finally stop with the Hitler sh*t?

  1. That is what I was trying to say in a roundabout way while adding the caveats

    * this teacher should be embarrassed for using the Hitler reference NOT fired.

    * when Don Pridemore gets upset once in a while with Hitler references, he really isnt that upset. It was a ploy to score political points and he is trying to hang a good man out to dry.

    1. That teacher made a mistake beyond the Hitler reference, and that was giving Donny-boy any attention at all. Anyone who reads Don’s newsletters should expect to be appalled and infuriated.
      I understand that Washington County tends to vote strongly Republican with a well-defined population of low-information voters, but I didn’t appreciate that teacher lumping us all into one group and then making himself an easy target for the weasel who happily represents the lowest of the low-info voters and whose tactics are grade-school level at the best of times.
      Don got himself redistricted out of the part of his district that supports him most strongly, did you know that? He basically lost his most important voting base. The question isn’t why did he call so much attention to this teacher (of course he did, duh), but why his cronies in the legislature didn’t make sure he had a nice, secure district in spite of the fact that he’s managed to insert himself behind Walker at every available photo opportunity.

      1. “Washington County tends to vote strongly Republican with a well-defined population of low-information voters”

        Yes, we “high-info” voters here at Blogging Blue would never vote for a weasel. Those low-info voters are the very ones who support voter id. They are trying to prevent other high-info people like us from voting in future elections just because they were unable to obtain any proof of who they are in eighty years of living.

  2. And for the record, I am not Hitler. Though I’m not so sure about you, Ed… No… I’m sure. You’re not Hitler either.

  3. Finally, something we can all agree on. Hard to have an intelligent conversation with anyone on either side of the aisle when they rip out the Hitler reference.

  4. Hardly proper calling one Hitler.The proper term is “Nazi” For it is the ideology, not the man that needs describing.My boss seen me out of town collecting sigs.Next day at work he made comments about liberals the whole day.One that sticks out? Boss”I don’t rent to democrats.”As he is a landlord for over 10 homes.” @ end of that day, he no longer needed my help.Suddenly unemployed again.S’ok by me considering I didn’t want to work for him anymore after he stated he “wouldn’t rent to a democrat.”Friend of ten yrs,gone.Thank You Walker.

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