Dr. Tim Nerenz and the “Prescription for Laughter Tour”

I had never heard of Dr. Tim Nerenz until Phil introduced us to him recently. Now he appears to be a wanted in man in the Americans for Propserity circles. At the time there was some talk of Dr. Tim’s credentials and that he actually did a dissertation and has his Phd. Congrats on that, it is an accomplishment to get your Phd(just ask Rachel Maddow). How ever it appears that he is also well versed in comedy. The Good Doc is out with a new blog full of laughs, and proving that his Phd is NOT in current events, media research or Wisconsin in the 21st century.

The highlights of their perfect season, undefeated by couth, includes shouting down the Pledge of Allegiance, booing the National Anthem, disrupting a ceremony honoring Special Olympians, and hassling returning troops, just to name a few. Their behavior in our Capitol rotunda would get them thrown out of Walmart.

Forget Scott Walker; you guys should recall your mom.

Or whoever it was that raised you to believe it was ok to interrupt ceremonies, hurl vulgarities at 14-year-old girls, disenfranchise cloistered nuns, bribe children with cigarettes to sign recall petitions, stalk the families of public officials, throw beer or coffee on opponents, make death threats, and try to shut down dissenting media outlets.

That might be what Democracy looks like in Venezuela or Iran, but not here.

Congrats on listing a full two paragraphs of things that just did not happen(yes I know Miles threw a beer on the slumlord Robin Vos (R- Hingst) and he shouldn’t of but the rest of the list is sorely lacking in reality. But then that is what makes a good joke. That of course and the punchline(but first a little more set up):

That’s not even what 4th grade looks like here. Our moms raised us to wait our turn, to let everyone speak, to compromise, to watch our language in public, to be gracious in both victory and defeat. We learned to stand our ground, but not to stand in the path of others’ rights to pass. We learned tolerance and patience – from our moms.

We don’t taunt, we don’t bully, and we don’t respect people so undisciplined that they cannot put a sock in it for one hour to honor the memory of a man who sacrificed his life for a cause he carried with dignity and respect.

Yes the first paragraph is setting up the giggles and of course who would have the nerve to fight for workers rights and the underprivileged on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of all days? But here you go, grab your sides, here is the bellybuster!

I’ve heard the comeback: both sides do it. No, they don’t; one side does it. And that one side is not winning over any unaligned voters by pitching fits in public.


Ok catch your breath and I guess Dr. Tim has been too busy throwing red meat to the white crowds in Waukesha to have met Carl Sosnoski or Linda Lorino or Charles Brey or Kevin Binversie or even David "Ike Turner" Prosser… and the list goes on and on….

Dr. Tim, Thanks for the laugh this morning but I think you really need to get out in public more and maybe grab a newspaper when your out and about!


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1 thought on “Dr. Tim Nerenz and the “Prescription for Laughter Tour”

  1. He was an amusing guy to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing him again at the “We Love You Scooter!!!!!” rally coming up on Saturday.

    Libertarian hypocrisy is one of my favorite spectator sports.


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