1 thought on “Frank Lasee Breaks Wind Again

  1. I am a victim of “so-called” wind turbine syndrome and it should not be taken lightly. Severe angina symptoms occur with my heart that has a quadruple by-pass and two stents. Now the summer home I had planned to retire to is useless to me because of the Rollins Project built by First Wind in Lincoln Lakes, Maine. I have been to camp once all summer. The low frequency sound waves eminating from wind turbines are highly controlled in industry by OSHA, but the wind industry gets an undeserved pass on this.

    Local control is important rather than state standards. As long as a state is in cahoots with wind power developers, there will never be adequate standards to protect people. In Maine, we zealously guard our local control and 36 communities have already adopted local ordinances that are more restrictive than the state “model ordinance” for wind. What does that tell you?

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