I don’t care what anyone says…

….what happened today here in Wisconsin was not only unprecedented – it was monumental.

It took a herculean effort to gather over one million signatures to trigger a recall election of Republican Gov. Scott Walker, and I’m proud to say I’m one in the million.

All of us who’ve fought against what Gov. Walker has done to this state have a lot to be proud of today, but we still have plenty of work ahead of us.

Let’s get to it!


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4 thoughts on “I don’t care what anyone says…

  1. Well two quick points, there has been no recall scheduled yet as the signatures have not been confirmed as legitimate and secondly the real work is ahead of you, finding someone who appeals to people outside the Milwaukee/Madison corridor. The values of the people of Northeast Wisconsin and the NorthWoods area are in no way in the same vain as the liberal idealism, entitlement mentality of the citizens in the south. The people up north understand the meaning of hard work, personal responsibility and family. While liberals Like Falk and Barrett play well in the corridor they have little to no base up in Rhinelander, Eagle River or Sugar Camp.

    1. Are you trying to tell me us folks in the southern part of Wisconsin don’t understand the meaning of hard work, personal responsibility, and family?

      If so, that’s one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever seen written as a comment on this blog.

  2. John,

    Voters in the northwoods elected Dave Obey to Congress 21 times. Frank Boyle, from Superior, was in the Assembly 24 years and I challenge anyone to name a representative more progressive than Frank.

    What state do you hail from John? It can’t be Wisconsin.

    It isn’t that people like Falk and Barrett can’t find voters up here, unless, of course, they don’t bother to campaign up here.

    1. Yeah, it helps to campaign vigorously up north if you want to win a statewide election.

      That’s a lesson Tom Barrett learned the hard way.

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