“Kinda Makes Their Tea Party, Look Like a Tea Party”

The Washington County Republican Party recently came out (in force?), to show support for Scott Walker.

Photo from Boots and Sabers where they said “The Walker supporters, who ranged in age from children to senior citizens“, although I am assuming they are counting the grandkids pictures in the wallet for the “children”.

This strong showing (of force) was very impressive(to them anyway, many complaining about not getting press coverage) yet during February, there were more pizza delivery men in the Capitol(delivering pizza paid for from people all over the world showing support) at any one time, but hey small victories…

Then there came word of a “Big” Pro-Walker pep rally, loaded with GOP "heavyweights"(no not Chris Christie), :

Former Gov. and U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson;
Former congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Neumann;
Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly and U.S. Senate candidate Jeff Fitzgerald;
State Sens. Leah Vukmir, Alberta Darling, Glen Grothman and Van Wanggaard; and
State Reps. Robin Vos, Jeff Stone and David Craig;
State Treasurer Kurt Schuller.

Nationally known political activist Kim Simac, Libertarian speaker Tim Nerenz and teenage political activist Jerrid Madden also will take part in the rally, which will be held from 1 to 4 p.m.

With all of that talent gathered in one place, there has to be huge crowds right?

Kind of. More than 500 people have clicked “Going” on the event’s Facebook page, and it’s possible that more than 1,000 will show up.

“In a perfect world, that would be a target,” Organizer Santo Ingrilli said. “I’d like to see 600 people. If we had 750, I’d be happy. If we got 1,000, I’d throw a party.”

I mean if the democrats pulled out all of their elected officials, what kind of attendance would they draw??? Well, luckily for compare/contrast versions, we just so happen to have pictures(this is awesome, I highly recommend this link)!

This crowd showed up at the Capitol to support the 14 Democratic Senators, and "nationally known political activist" Kim Simac was not even there! By the way, notice who is not attending the Pro-Walker pep rally? Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch.

As Russ Feingold likes to say “kinda makes their “tea party” look like a tea party!!”


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4 thoughts on ““Kinda Makes Their Tea Party, Look Like a Tea Party”

  1. Was Leah Vukmir at the rally? Glad to hear she had time to travel to Washington County. It’s been months since she’s shown her face in West Allis.

  2. Thanks for the information…I guess I should take remedial reading. Glad to hear Leah will be in Tosa on that day…it’s just a small stroll over to West Allis. I’m willing to wager even that would be too much effort for her.

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