New York Times Editorial Blasts Justice Gableman


The justice has a blatant conflict of interest: He owes money to a firm that got his vote in this and other cases. He should have agreed not to sit on any case where the law firm is involved until he pays what he owes.

His tawdry defense is that he agreed to pay the firm if he won the case where it represented him, and if the state paid his bill, so the free counsel was not a gift. Evading payment unless he won is unjustifiable.

The editorial goes on to insist that Gableman recuse himself.

This is on the editorial page of The New York Times, it’s not just a random opinion piece.

When the Times pays attention to stuff happening in your state, you know there’s a problem.  Justice Gableman is a huckster and a scam artist.  He is an embarrassment to Wisconsin’s judicial system and should resign immediately.

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